New Perry Web ad slams Obama as ‘president zero’

Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s campaign launched a flashy new Web ad that calls President Obama “president zero” and touts Perry’s leadership.

The ad opens like a trailer for a zombie movie: empty, desolate streets and shops, a storm siren blaring. Obama’s iconic “O” symbol is then replaced with a zero, as various clips of television reporters talking about “zero jobs created” play.

The ad’s mood then shifts dramatically. “In 2012 America will discover a new name for leadership,” the ad says, while clips of Perry are spliced with shots of galloping horses in the sunlight, American flags, green farms and the Statue of Liberty.

The ad was produced by Lucas Baiano, and is reminiscent of the movie-trailer style ads he produced for former presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty’s campaign before Baiano joined Perry’s camp. It also is reminiscent, both in its movie-trailer style and its content, of rival candidate Mitt Romney’s latest Web ad, another fast-paced video that hits Obama for zero net jobs created during his presidency.Source.