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Video - Protection of Christians in the Middle East - Conference at the United Nations.

Video - "It has become politically incorrect to declare yourself a Christian" (Christianophobie).

Chaired by John Laughland , Director of Studies at the Institute for Democracy and Cooperation (Paris), was held on Monday 2 March in Geneva, a side event in the context of the 28 th Session of the Council Rights of the United Nations Human.

This event on "The protection of Christians in the Middle East" was organized by the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation, the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society (founded in 1882) and the Institute for Democracy and Cooperation . Sergei Lavrov , Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, delivered a speech of great interest which I quote this quote which is not less.

"I should also point out the difficulties faced by Christians in several states of Western Europe where, for one reason or another, it has become politically incorrect to declare yourself a Christian, and where people are even beginning to experience discomfort Christian values ​​that form the foundation of European civilization.

Aggressive secularism is gaining ground. The notions of morality and traditional identity at the national, cultural and religious, are being eroded. The number of acts of vandalism and desecration of churches, temples, sacred places, cemeteries and Christian symbols, is growing rapidly. It is becoming increasingly difficult for believers to uphold their beliefs. " Above is a short video of the event, conducted by Pax Press Agency (Geneva). Hmmm......'You can't call it a religious war' if not what is it then?

Former Egypt IAEA Delegate: "Arab Nuclear Weapons Are Crucial To Creating Strategic Balance In Region"

Former Egypt IAEA Delegate: "Arab Nuclear Weapons Are Crucial To Creating Strategic Balance In Region" (MEMRI).

In a November 18, 2014 article in the London-based Arab daily Al-Hayat, Egyptian former MP Dr. Mustafa Al-Fiqi, who was the chairman of the Egyptian parliament's Foreign Relations Committee during the Mubarak era and also served as Egypt's delegate to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in the late 90s, called on Arab countries to launch a major nuclear program in order to restore strategic balance to the region.

According to him, Arabs cannot remain besieged by Israeli and Iranian nuclear might, which are like a sword at their necks. Al-Fiqi stressed that in the current age, force is the best way to achieve deterrence, restore rights, and achieve justice, and therefore Arab nuclear power was an inevitable necessity.

He added that the U.S., the West, and Israel are attempting to thwart any Arab attempt to develop nuclear weapons, hinting that they were behind the assassination of Arab nuclear scientists in recent years.

It should be mentioned that already in 2002, Al-Fiqi published a series of articles calling on Arabs to attain nuclear weapons to create a strategic balance vis-à-vis Israel.

The following are excerpts from the article:

Force Is The Path To Justice; Nuclear Weapons Will Give The Arab Nation Value And Status.

"In recent decades there have been stories and studies regarding the Arabs' nuclear capabilities and their future chances in light of the current regional and international situation. I am among those who believe that nuclear capabilities are not just a deterrent but also an expression of patriotism and of the homeland's international prestige... 

"Therefore, I am not surprised by the repeated claims by Arab writer Jihad Al-Khazen [former editor and current columnist for Al-Hayat] that it is important for some Arab countries to launch a large-scale nuclear program,[3] because it is time to do so in light of the Israeli nuclear arsenal, which includes over 200 nuclear warheads... We [repeatedly] raise this issue because we believe that nuclear weapons – regardless of the risks, cost, and difficulties they entail – will give the [Arab] nation value and status at a time when it is facing unprecedented foreign and domestic threats.

"Second, use of peaceful nuclear energy – from producing electricity, to desalinating sea water, as well as dozens of [other] vital activities that are crucial to modern societies – has become a need that cannot be ignored... The difference between peaceful nuclear energy and the manufacture of nuclear weapons is no longer great. Nuclear technology is within almost everyone's reach and is no longer a secret reserved solely for members of the nuclear club. 

During my work over the years as Egypt's delegate to the IAEA, I discovered that technological applications derived from this energy are infinitely more numerous than strategic or military ones. Therefore, the Western ban on nuclear programs is nothing but a ban on progress and development, and on the opening of promising new horizons for the future in very many countries that suffer from energy shortages..."

The Purpose Of Iran's Nuclear Program Is Military; Arab Nuclear Weapons Will Be A Nightmare For The West And Israel.

"We have all followed the developments in Iran's nuclear dossier and their transition to the stage of uranium enrichment and nuclear fuel production. I am among those who believe that Iran's goal is first and foremost military-strategic, and it is hard to forbid Iran from pursuing it when the West has enabled the existence of a nuclear arsenal in 'Israel.'

The Arabs cannot be like beggars at the table of nasty skinflints, besieged by two nuclear programs that constitute a deterrent, even in terms of morale, and which are like a sword held to the neck of the [Arabs’] future.

"Several years ago, I was surprised when an American official asked to meet me during his visit to Cairo due to an article I had written regarding the need for an Arab nuclear program. When he visited my office, he brought with him an English translation of this article. That is when I realized that Arab nuclear weapons are a nightmare for the West, and even more so for Israel.

There Is A Secret Ban On Any Arab Attempt To Attain Nuclear Weapons.
Hmmm..........The 'Obama legacy' An ME Filled with Nutcases armed with Nukes. Read the full story here.

Video - Happy (Purim) 2015 Pharrell Remix!

Iran: Final Deal Should Take Place in One Stage, Remove All Sanctions.

Iran: Final Deal Should Take Place in One Stage, Remove All Sanctions. (Fars).

Iran rejected the possibility of clinching a two-phased nuclear agreement with the world powers, and said any final deal should include the removal of all sanctions.

"Any agreement should be made in one single stage and it should include all details and generalities.

All Iranian officials underscore this issue and the negotiating sides should also pay serious attention to this fact," Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham said on Wednesday.

She said beside technical issues, one of the serious subjects in the new round of talks being held in Montreux, Switzerland, is the removal of sanctions against Iran as any final deal with the world powers should include a total lifting of embargos.

Afkham underscored that the Iranian nation will stand firm against the excessive demands raised by the western states during the nuclear talks, and said, "Excessive demands cannot block Iran's path to its goals." Hmmmm.....They don't want the signing of the Documents to take place on the USS Missouri surrender deck? Read the full story here.

'Islamist' Turkey to build its first domestic cosmodrome.

'Islamist' Turkey to build its first domestic cosmodrome.(Taz).

Turkey will build its own cosmodrome and the Institute for Space Research (Uzay Ajansi), the Turkish newspaper Sabah said Mar.4 referring to Minister of Transport, Maritime and Communication of Turkey Lutfi Elvan.

Elvan said the place for construction of the cosmodrome and the institute has already been defined.
Cosmodrome and the Institute for Space Research will be built on the territory of one of the central provinces of Turkey,” Elvan said, adding that construction of the cosmodrome and the institute are among the country's priorities.

It is planned that after the construction of the cosmodrome, Turkey will launch domestic satellites from it, as well as lease the launch complexes.Hmmm........

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Chechen Leader Kadyrov Vows to Help Chechens Fighting With IS Return Home

                          Video - Kadyrov: 'Allah Akhbar' Chechnya For Putin.

Chechen Leader Kadyrov Vows to Help Chechens Fighting With IS Return Home.(rferl).

The head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, has vowed to help Chechens who are fighting alongside the Islamic State (IS) militant group in Syria and Iraq to return home.

"We are doing everything possible so as not to swell the ranks of these devils," Kadyrov told journalists at a press conference on March 3.

Kadyrov said that his men were working not only in the Chechen Republic but "also there, on the ground," in Syria, although he did not elaborate.

"We are bringing back those who have realized their mistakes and we are passing them on to the courts," the Chechen leader said, according to the Russian state news agency RIA Novosti. Hmmmm.....Somehow I think he means in body bags. Read the full story here.

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How 'Islamic State' children learn to kill ‘without batting an eye'.

How 'Islamic State' children learn to kill ‘without batting an eye'. (Raqqa).

Though not the only group in Syria to utilize child soldiers, the Islamic State’s recruitment and indoctrination of children has drawn widespread international condemnation.

The group periodically releases photos depicting children—nicknamed ‘lion cubs’ as an homage to IS fighters calling themselves ‘lions’ –wearing military fatigues and performing drills to prepare them for combat.

IS utilizes several different methods to persuade kids to enroll as fighters, including “sending already indoctrinated children back home for rest periods with the knowledge that they will encourage their friends to join up,” Abu Ibrahim a-Raqqawi, the alias of a founding member of the media campaign A-Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, tells Syria Direct’s Ghardinia Ashour.

This issue is terrifyingly dangerous—they are not destroying their minds alone, but their hearts,” says a-Raqqawi. Here, a-Raqawi talks at length about IS’s history of child recruitment, how the group attracts children and what he has seen at the training camps.

The children, instructed by their recruiters not to tell their parents they are going off to one of the three camps in A-Raqqa province, often just disappear. Once in IS hands, they are subjected to nothing short of “brainwashing, total mental re-programming, a complete erasure of the child’s mind followed by the insertion of new information,” says a-Raqqawi.

When families find out where there kids are and try to contact them, the child refuses to talk, saying, ‘I don’t want to talk to you, you are kufar and enemies of God. You are against the Islamic State.’

Q: When did the Islamic State begin to recruit children?

IS began to recruit children in April or May 2014, with the opening of the “Sharia Camp for Lion Cubs” in Tabqa city. It’s a camp for kids under 16.

IS purposefully closed schools in order to recruit children, just as it prevented children under 13 from working on the pretext that they wanted to stop their exploitation—keeping in mind that IS recruits children at this age. They’re trying to recruit children through all possible means.

Q: What are the camps that are located in A-Raqqa?

There’s the Shariah Camp for Lion Cubs, the Lion Cubs of the Caliphate Institute, and recently the Al-Faruq Institute for Lion Cubs.

Q: What types of training are conducted in the camps?

Training is divided into a fast class and a slow class.

IS used the fast class when the battle for Ain al-Arab/Kobani was going on, and resorts to it when it finds itself in a large battle and in need of fighters.

The child enters a sharia course for one month, and then a military course for a second month, and afterwards is sent directly to the front. Seeing as the child is young to begin with and not supposed to be on the front, and did not undergo specific training that might allow him to stay alive in a battle, a lot of A-Raqqa’s children were killed, unfortunately.

The IS elements always come to announce, only orally [i.e. no written notice] that ‘this child of yours has died,’ without presenting the body. There is a youth whose case was documented, a 17-year-old named Basel Hamira, whom they made carry out a suicide operation in Ain al-Arab/Kobani.

As for the slow, or long-term class:

The child enters a sharia course for three to four months, and if he passes the course he enters a war course, also for three to four months. Sometimes the course is shortened, so the Sharia part will be 40 days, or a month to two months, and then three months of military training, according to how quickly the child is able to complete these sessions. Hmmmm.......Using child soldiers isa war crime. Read the full story here.

Obama 'Admin' still considering their BFF Erdogan's No-Fly zone.

Obama 'Admin' still considering their BFF Erdogan's No-Fly zone. (AM).

WASHINGTON — The retired Marine general in charge of mobilizing an international coalition against the group that calls itself the Islamic State (IS) says that the United States has not ruled out a no-fly zone or protected corridor in Syria to safeguard the thousands of fighters it intends to train to help defeat the militant group.

“All those things are under consideration,” John Allen told an audience the evening of March 2 at the Atlantic Council, a Washington-based think tank.

Allen bristled when asked if the 5,000 moderate Syrians that the United States says it plans to train each year for the next three years in Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia would face certain death once injected onto the battlefield. “We will protect them when the time comes,” Allen said.

Syrian opposition forces and Turkey have long urged the Obama administration to establish a protected zone in northern Syria along the Turkish border to reduce the number of refugees streaming out of the country and make it easier for the opposition to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad to govern a piece of liberated land. 

But the White House has so far resisted these appeals and since last summer has focused less on confronting Assad than on defeating IS forces that have seized a third of Syrian territory and Sunni Muslim areas in Iraq.

Fred Hof, a former US official and a Syria expert at the Atlantic Council, told Al-Monitor that Allen’s remarks about a no-fly zone “was more than an implication. It all comes down to the decision of one man [President Barack Obama].” Hmmm......Anyone still believing that BS that they don't talk to one another? It's 'Neo Ottoman Conqueror' Turkey dictating U.S. Foreign policy......'Useful Idiots' Read the full story here.
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