Tuesday, November 24, 2015

'No-Fly List Is Islamophobia' Poster Boy Arrested in Turkey as Part of alleged ISIS Cell.

MSNBC's 'No-Fly List Is Islamophobia' Poster Boy Arrested in Turkey as Part of ISIS Cell. (PJMedia).

A man, who just two years ago was the poster boy for the far-Left media's attacks against the U.S. government's no-fly list for "unfairly" targeting Muslims, finds himself and several family members sitting in a Turkish prison -- arrested earlier this month near the Turkey-Syria border as members of an ISIS cell.

It's a long way from 2013 when Saadiq Long's cause was being championed by MSNBC's Chris Hayes, Glenn Greenwald, and Mother Jones, and was being represented by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) terror front.

His story got considerable media attention when his CAIR media representatives here pushed the story that Long wanted to return to his native Oklahoma from his current home in Qatar to visit his ailing mother but couldn't because he was on the TSA's no-fly list. They said his case represented institutional "Islamophobia."

U.S. and Turkish officials confirmed Long's arrest to PJ Media, saying that he was arrested along with eight others operating along the Turkish-Syrian border. So far, no U.S. media outlet has reported on his arrest. Read the full story here.

HRW: Turkey closes its borders to Syrian asylum seekers and is summarily pushing back detected Syrians.

HRW: Turkey closes its borders to Syrian asylum seekers. (HRW).

Turkey has all but closed its borders to Syrian asylum seekers and is summarily pushing back Syrians detected as they try to cross, Human Rights Watch said in a detailed report yesterday.

Syrians described Turkish border guards intercepting them at or near the border, in some cases beating them, and pushing them and dozens of others back into Syria or detaining and then summarily expelling them along with hundreds of others.

During the second half of October 2015, Human Rights Watch interviewed 51 Syrians in Turkey who had fled airstrikes and other violence in Syria. All said it was common knowledge among Syrians that they could only enter Turkey using smugglers. They described men, women, and terrified children trying to clamber at smuggler crossings across steep terrain at night for many hours surrounded by gunfire.

“Turkey’s border closure is forcing pregnant women, children, the elderly, the sick, and the injured to run the gantlet of Turkish border officials to escape the horrors of Syria’s war,” said Gerry Simpson, senior refugee researcher at Human Rights Watch.
“Turkey has generously hosted Syrians and is entitled to closely control its borders for security reasons, but it should not be forcing asylum seekers back to a war zone.”
HRW recalled that Turkey closed its last two official border-crossing points to almost all Syrians in early March, only allowing some people with urgent medical needs to cross. Syrians have continued to reach Turkey through smuggling routes.

Almost all of those interviewed by HRW said it was common knowledge in their home areas that it was the best chance they had of crossing into Turkey because the hilly terrain makes it harder for the Turkish authorities to detect them than in the flat plain border areas further north and east.

They said that hundreds – and on some days, thousands – of Syrians were amassed in the area, waiting to cross by night. Many said they had to wait for up to a week before smugglers told them it was safe to try.

The sheer exhaustion and desperation Syrian families go through after fleeing for their lives and literally scrambling their way to safety through the night across the Turkish border is written all over their faces,” Simpson said. “Turkey should not be putting people escaping war through such hardship.Hmmmm.........Perhaps Europe should give Turkey a few Billion $ more?

Russian Pres. Putin: Turkey backstabbed Russia by downing the Russian warplane and acted as accomplices of the terrorists.

Russian Pres. Putin: Downing of Russian jet over Syria stab in the back by terrorist accomplices. (RT).

Turkey backstabbed Russia by downing the Russian warplane and acted as accomplices of the terrorists, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

The plane was hit by a Turkish warplane as it was travelling 1 km away from the Turkish border, Putin said. The plane posed no threat to Turkish national security, he stressed.

Putin said the plane was targeting terrorist targets in the Latakia province of Syria, many of whom came from Russia.

Russia noticed of the flow of oil from Syrian territory under the control of terrorists to Turkey, Putin said.

Apparently, IS now not only receives revenue from the smuggling of oil, but also has the protection of a nation’s military, Putin said. This may explain why the terrorist group is so bold in taking acts of terrorism across the world, he added.

The incident will have grave consequences for Russia’s relations with Turkey, Putin warned.

The fact that Turkey did not try to contact Russia in the wake of the incident and rushed to call a NATO meeting instead is worrisome, Putin said. It appears that Turkey want NATO to serve the interests of IS, he added.

Putin said Russia respects the regional interests of other nations, but warned the atrocity committed by Turkey would not go without an answer.

a Russian Su-24 bomber was shot down by Turkish fighter jets near the Turkish-Syrian border. Turkey claimed that the plane violated Turkish airspace and did not respond to warnings. Ankara said it was rightfully acting to defend its sovereignty.

Russia insists that the plane stayed in the Syrian airspace.

One of the two pilots of the downed Russian warplane was reported killed by a rebel group as he was parachuting down on the ground after ejecting from the plane. The fate of the second pilot remains unknown. Hmmmm......Finally someone said what we all knew and were thinking. How far will Obama go to protect his BFF?

Russia To Halt Gas Supplies To Ukraine, considering Coal shipment Cuts.

Russia To Halt Gas Supplies To Ukraine, Mulling Coal Cuts.(Rferl).

Russian Energy Minister Aleksandr Novak says Moscow will cut gas supplies to Ukraine for Kyiv's failure to pay up front for deliveries and might also suspend coal shipments to Ukraine in retaliation for a power blackout of Crimea.

Novak said on November 24 that the gas deliveries will be stopped "today or tomorrow due to the lack of advance payment by Ukraine," adding that Russia could retaliate "politically and economically" unless Kyiv restores electricity supplies to Crimea.

Russian-annexed Crimea continues to rely on emergency generators to meet its basic power needs after unknown saboteurs blew up electricity pylonssupplying the peninsula with electricity, in Ukraine's Kherson region over the weekend.

Pro-Ukrainian activists have so far prevented repairs to the damaged pylons and associated power lines.

The Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said on November 23 that just one of the four damaged transmission towers could be repaired at the moment. Hmmmm......They knew they could not pay for the Gas, so blew up the pylons to escalate the situation?

Video - Shows Russian Su-24 fighter jet shot down over Syria

A Russian Su-24 fighter has been shot down in Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry said, adding the plane hadn’t violated Turkish airspace and was flying at an altitude of 6,000 meters.

During the flight, the aircraft was flying within the borders of Syria, which was registered by objective monitoring data,” the ministry said, adding that the aircraft was "supposedly shot down from the ground.”

The pilots managed to eject, the ministry said, adding their fate is as yet unknown.

The downing of the Russian plane is "a very serious incident,” said Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov. He added, however, that it is too early to draw conclusions until the whole situation is clear.

Footage has emerged online, allegedly showing Russian pilots from the downed jet immobile on the ground and surrounded by locals. Some reports claim that one pilot is dead.

The video posted online shows armed men around an alleged Russian pilot who seems to be unconscious and immobile. His face is bruised and bloodied. The men seem to be happy and are praising Allah, with some regretting that they hadn’t burned him on the spot.

"A Russian pilot," a voice is heard saying as a group of men gather around him. "God is great," a voice says.

They spoke Arabic but used a Latakia dialect.

According to Reuters, the video was sent by a rebel group operating in the northwestern area of Syria, where groups including the Free Syrian Army are active but Islamic State has no known presence. Read the full story here.

Monday, November 23, 2015

At least four senior ISIS terrorists hidden among refugees streams entered into Europe

At least four senior ISIS terrorists hidden among refugees streams entered into Europe. (ST). [GoogleTranslated].

At least four senior Isis terrorists — including a notorious bomb maker — have entered the European Union posing as refugees and are believed to be still at large, sources close to an investigation in Belgium have revealed.

They are among “dozens, if not hundreds” of terrorists thought to have arrived via Turkey or Libya as part of a wave of refugees streaming into Europe at the rate of up to 10,000 a day.

The revelation came after French prosecutors claimed that at least three of those involved in the Paris attacks had made their way to the country on a route through the Balkans used by refugees.

The disclosures are expected to add to concerns about the ease with which Isis sympathisers can enter and then move within the borderless Schengen area.
The most notorious terrorist Ahmed Mohamed El Amin, a Palestinian bomb maker this summer would have arrived in Belgium after he had made the crossing to Europe from Libya in a refugee boat
El Amin, who was born in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, working closely with Bilal Badr, a Palestinian terrorist who works for IS. According to the researchers, the two men in the past have been together prepared a whole series of terrorist attacks.

The three other terrorists which is currently being sought in abundance, are Mohammed Mezher, a IS-member, according to the investigators until recently stayed at the refugee camp in Bovigny in the province of Luxembourg, and the two brothers and Talal Anwar Ammar.

The security for migrants who arrive in Europe are practically non-existent. Ministers from the European Union arrived Friday they agreed that the details of their own citizens who would check would enter the Schengen area in a police database.

Russian security forces eliminate alleged ISIS-affiliated group in North Caucasus.

Russian security forces eliminate alleged ISIS-affiliated group in North Caucasus. (RBTH).

A local gang affiliated with the Islamic State (ISIS) group, which is banned in Russia, has been eliminated in the North Caucasus by Russian law-enforcement agencies, the National Anti-Terrorist Committee has reported.

The special operation conducted on Nov. 22 in the Kabardino-Balkar Republic (1,000 miles south of Moscow) by Federal Security Service officers was the biggest in recent months in terms of the number of militants killed, with 11 individuals neutralized.

The gang was reportedly assisting local residents who wanted to fight alongside ISIS by assisting them in traveling to Syria, as well as plotting terrorist attacks in the North Caucasus. Numerous firearms, cartridges, components for making improvised explosive devices and two ready IEDs were seized in the gang's hideout.

On their website, local Islamists denied reports that those killed were affiliated with ISIS. According to them, those militants had not pledged allegiance to ISIS but, on the contrary, in their manifestos and other materials there is a lot of criticism of ISIS and sympathy for its rival Al-Qaeda (also banned in Russia).

The only militant in Kabardino-Balkaria to have publicly pledged allegiance to ISIS was a Robert Zankishiev, the Islamists maintain. Zankishiev was killed in a security operation on Nov. 10, 2015.

"The whole world is now fighting against ISIS and nobody is too keen to admit that they belong to that [terrorist group] or in any way support it," the former head of the now defunct Siberian Military District and of the Defense Ministry's contingent in Chechnya, Maj-Gen. Sergei Kanchukov, told RBTH.

However, he said, the Russian security agencies are unlikely to make claims like these until they have been verified: There must have been reliable information that Kabardino-Balkar residents are indeed in Syria and have joined terrorist forces there.

"I don't think that the special operation was planned much in advance. The law-enforcement agencies may have learned about that hideout some time ago but decided to raid it when the whole gang got together or when there were tip-offs of terrorist attacks being prepared," said Kanchukov.

All are not equal in the Islamic state - ISIS Considers Indian Recruits Inferior to Arabs, Treats Them as Cannon Fodder.

All are not equal in the Islamic state - ISIS Considers Indian Recruits Inferior to Arabs, Treats Them as Cannon Fodder. (NDtv).

There are 23 Indians fighting with terror group ISIS in Syria and Iraq and another six are dead, says a report from a recent assessment by security agencies.

The report - drawn up with the help of the British Mi6, the Central Intelligence Agency of the USA and some Arab countries and shared at topmost level of the government - says in the ISIS, Indian, Pakistani, African and Bangladeshi fighters are considered "inferior to Arab fighters."

They are "paid less" and are given inferior equipment in comparison to their Arab and Western counterparts. "There appears to be a clear hierarchy" among the fighters and "Arabs" are preferred, the report says.

Indian, Pakistani and African fighters are also considered less motivated and therefore are generally "tricked" into carrying out "suicide bombings", the report says.

It describes how: these fighters are likely to be given an explosive-laden vehicle and asked to go near "the target and call a certain number" for further instructions. However, the phone call activates a "pre-set mechanism" triggering an explosion, the report says.

It also notes that Indians are more likely to be used as cannon fodder "forced to fight in the frontline" as they are considered expendable.

The ISIS is known to lure fighters by promising them marriage to Syrian women, but even here, Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis are "lowest in the priority for Jihadi brides since they are considered ethnically inferior," the report states.

Islam in India - perhaps because of a softer approach - is considered "apostate and a departure from the original teachings of the Quran," the report says and adds that there is a "clear trust deficit" between the dominant Arab fighters and fighters from South East Asia. Hmmm.....“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” ― George Orwell. Read the full story here.
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