Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Video - Exiled Fatah Terrorist Amna Muna on PA TV: We Will Continue Until Our Entire Land is Liberated

In a May 15 interview on the official Palestinian Authority TV channel, Amna Muna, a Palestinian terrorist who was freed in the Shalit prisoner swap and exiled to Turkey, said: "Nothing will break our resolve - not imprisonment, not exile, and not martyrdom... We shall continue on our path until our entire land is liberated." Muna, who was speaking to PA TV over the Internet, was imprisoned for her involvement in the kidnapping and murder of Israeli teenager Ofir Rahum in 2001.

Video - Tunisian Cleric Bechir Begga: Satan and the Jews Are the Enemies of the Muslims

In a May 1 sermon, Tunisian cleric Sheik Bechir Begga said that Satan and the Jews are the enemies of Muslims. He added that Allah was gathering the Jews "in Palestine, or in Tel Aviv," where they would meet their end.

Turkey - 'AKP confiscated large amounts of refugee money, now being distributed as election bribe'

'AKP confiscated large amounts of money collected for refugees, now being distributed as election bribe'.(ANF).

Sıtkı Dursun, responsible for refugee work of the AKP-run Urfa Metropolitan Municipality, has been removed from his position and exiled to another institution as he criticised AKP’s policies towards refugees from Kobanê.

Sıtkı Dursun opened the doors of his house in the Mehser village of Suruç to people who had to flee from Kobanê during the attacks of the ISIS gangs. Dursun said the aid and the money sent to the AFAD tent city, run by the state, had not been distributed to people from Kobanê and the aid coming for the Kobanê people was put into stores by the municipality and is now being distributed to local people as an election investment. 
Dursun also added that AKP members have confiscated large amounts of money collected for the refugees.
The Suruç coordinator of the Urfa Municipality has been removed from his position and assigned to a new one in the Education Department in the city as he supported the people from Kobanê and developed good relations with the Suruç municipality run by the DBP.

Dursun told that he has been removed from his position as he had opened his house to refugees from Kobanê during the war period and said: “I live in Mehser village, which turned into the backyard of the Kobanê resistance. Tens of thousands of people flocked to our village during the intense attacks of the gangs on Kobanê. It was my human duty to open the doors of my house to these people”. Dursun added that the new job that he has been assigned to has nothing to do with his profession and the reason for this appointment is also the good relations he developed with the Suruç municipality run by the DBP.

Dursun said he was put under pressure by the AKP authorities during his work as coordinator in Suruç to make AKP propaganda amongst the refugees. 

He said that his job was to maintain the coordination between the Suruç municipality and the Metropolitan Municipality of Urfa and that he had good relations with the Suruç municipality as with the other district municipalities, adding that the AKP authorities did not enjoy developing good relations with the municipalities run by the DBP. Dursun said the AKP executives did not want to provide services for a DBP-run municipality, adding that the AKP has taken away almost everything the Suruç municipality had.

Dursunsaid the Metropolitan municipality has to provide 70% of the services in Suruç, however had done nothing and spread propaganda that the Suruç municipality was not working. He added that the Suruç municipality is the hardest working municipality in Urfa province, despite the limited means it has.

Dursun added that the Urfa Municipality did not distribute the aid collected for the refugees in Suruç, but kept it in store houses in order to distribute it during the elections.

Dursun said the state-run tent city of AFAD in Suruç was not set up to help the people from Kobanê, adding that only 10% of the aid reaching the camp was distributed to the people.

Dursun said the aid and the money collected for the AFAD tent city is now being distributed to local people as an election investment to gain votes for the AKP. Hmmmmm........'Corruption-R-Us'

'Moderate & Peaceful' Iran unveils new speedboat with 110 knots per hour top speed.

Iran unveils new speedboat with 110 knots per hour top speed. (Taz).

Iran has successfully tested a fast moving boat with 110 knots per hour top speed, IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps) Naval Force Commander Ali Fadavi said.

Speaking during a conference on speedboats, the Iranian commander added that another model of fast moving boats would be industrially produced by the end of the current Iranian calendar year (March 20, 2016).

That watercraft will be able to move at 80 knots and equipped with 100-km-range missiles, Fars news agency reported May 26.

He also said that a maritime laboratory and testing lake of the Imam Hossein University (belonging to the IRGC) provide the opportunity to make and test watercraft with speeds up to 120 knots per hour.

The Islamic Republic has given special priority to its military power.

Especially under international pressure, the country has used domestic talents to develop various types of weapons and military equipment.

Tehran keeps noting that its military power is solely defensive, backing its claim by saying that since the 1979 revolution it has not attacked any country.

Canadian Al Jazeera Journalist Mohamed Fahmy: 'Al Jazeera Is Sponsor Of Muslim Brotherhood'.

Canadian Al Jazeera Journalist Mohamed Fahmy: 'Al Jazeera Is Sponsor Of Muslim Brotherhood'. (GMBR).

Malaysian media is reporting that Mohamed Fahmy, the Canadian Al-Jazeera journalist currently on trial in Egypt on terror-related charges, has alleged that Al-Jazeera “were sponsors of the Muslim Brotherhood.” According to The Star report:
CAIRO—Mohamed Fahmy, the Canadian journalist on trial in Egypt on terror-related charges, has filed a lawsuit in Canadian court against his employer Al Jazeera for $100 million, accusing the Qatari news network of negligence and breach of contract. 
In a case that sparked worldwide condemnation of Egypt’s government, Fahmy was jailed for more than 400 days with his two Al Jazeera English colleagues, Egyptian producer Baher Mohamed and Australian correspondent Peter Greste. 
Egyptian prosecutors accused the three of spreading false news harmful to national security and of belonging to or aiding the Muslim Brotherhood, which authorities designated a terrorist group in December 2013, six months after Muslim Brotherhood-aligned president Mohammed Morsi, was overthrown. 
In January, an appeals court threw out their convictions — they had been sentenced to between seven and 10 years — and ordered retrials, which are still ongoing. 
At a press conference Monday in the Cairo Four Seasons hotel, Fahmy, who has been out on bail since February, accused his employer of taking actions that helped land him in jail. 
Fahmy said Al Jazeera acted as ‘an arm of Qatar’s foreign policy’ and ‘was not only biased towards the Muslim Brotherhood — they were sponsors of the Muslim Brotherhood.’ Read the full story here.

Massive Air Force Drill Under Way In Russia

Left Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin

Massive Air Force Drill Under Way In Russia.(rferl).

The Russian Defense Ministry says that its air forces have begun a massive exercise involving hundreds of aircraft and thousands of service personnel.

In a May 25 statement, the ministry described the four-day drill as a "massive surprise inspection," to check combat readiness.

"The inspection involves about 12,000 military service personnel, as well as up to 250 planes and helicopters and 689 various weapons and pieces of military hardware," the statement said.

The manoeuvers began on the same day as NATO and some of its partners started an Arctic training exercise.

Russia's involvement in Ukraine and incursions into Western airspace have led to rising tensions with the West.

A ministry spokesperson said that, during the inspection, "Long-range aviation aircraft will carry out cruise missile strikes against a mock enemy's ground targets at the Pemboi test and training area (in the Komi Republic)."

Asked about Russia's assertiveness in a television interview, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin joked that "tanks don't need visas." Read the full story here.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Video - Turkish Documentary on Persecution of Journalists who Criticize Erdogan

US Muslim Brotherhood club 'CAIR' Obama BFF: 'Honor Islamic terrorists, not US troops'

US Muslim Brotherhood club 'CAIR' Obama BFF: 'Honor Islamic terrorists, not US troops' HT: IsraelMatzav.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations - the US branch of the Muslim Brotherhood - urges Americans to honor Islamic terrorists this Memorial Day, and not US troops. Yes, you read that correctly....

    You read that right. As nearly all Americans come together on Memorial Day to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the country’s freedom and safety, two CAIR officials spent the holiday weekend differently: questioning whether U.S. troops deserve to be honored and tweeting that the country was “established upon white supremacy.”

    The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group labeled by the Justice Department as a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity and “un-indicted co-conspirator” in a terrorism-financing trial, disingenuously claims that it is a moderate organization.

    Yet, on May 23, Zahra Billoo, the radical executive-director of CAIR’s San Francisco Bay Area chapter, tweeted that she “struggles with Memorial Day each year” about whether to honor American soldiers who died in wars:

    She also quoted another CAIR official, Dawud Walid, the executive-director of CAIR’s Michigan chapter, as questioning whether they should honor American soldiers that died in “unjust” wars and occupations.

    That’s a direct insult to American soldiers currently serving in Afghanistan and those that have returned from Iraq, as CAIR officials consistently describe those wars with that terminology. Billoo quoted Walid as saying:

    Billoo did, however, find one “soldier” she felt comfortably honoring. On May 26, she promoted an article from the anti-Semitic and anti-American Nation of Islam that asked for help for a “black liberation soldier” named Imam Jamil al-Amin:

    Al-Amin was a member of the Black Panthers terrorist group and was convicted of murdering a police officer in 2000. He is also anti-American, stating “if America doesn’t come around, we’re gonna burn it down,” and “I say violence is necessary. It is as American as cherry pie.”

    Al-Amin also said the U.S. Constitution is “diametrically opposed to what Allah has commanded.”

    THIS is who CAIR wants to honor on Memorial Day? A racist, anti-American cop-killer?

So a Muslim organization that Barack Obama invites to secret White House meetings, and wants you to believe is as American as apple pie, is caught once against denouncing America, and supporting Muslim jihadists. There's more. Read the full story here.

For those who have forgotten, the Obama administration has admitted to hundreds of meetings with representatives of CAIR.
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