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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Is Erdogan’s War on Syrian Kurds Becoming a War on the United States?

Is Erdogan’s War on Syrian Kurds Becoming a War on the United States? (TheNation).
President Erdogan seems to believe he can bully Trump into abandoning his allies in the fight against ISIS.

The Trump administration was unusually subdued this week after the Turkish air force launched a bombing campaign against facilities of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in northern Syria.
The State Department said it “asked” Turkey to stop killing US allies in the fight against ISIL (ISIS, or the Islamic State). The Pentagon complained that Turkey not only hit its allies but failed to coordinate with the US Air Force, which is flying in the area. In essence, Turkey acted as a hostile power against the US war effort. In the aftermath, a fierce firefight has broken out at the Syrian-Turkish border between YPG forces and Turkish army units operating in northern Syria.

Washington has been deeply frustrated by Turkey’s unwillingness to devote significant resources to rolling up ISIL. Erdogan’s priority has been attempting to destroy the PKK, and attacking what he sees as its Syrian Kurdish allies. Ankara fears that for the sake of defeating al-Baghdadi in Raqqa, the United States is helping to create an autonomous Syrian Kurdistan, which in turn may act as a model for Turkish Kurds, some 20 percent of the population of Turkey. In fact, separatist sentiments are not very widespread among Turkish Kurds, though economic discontent over government neglect of the hardscrabble southeast is. Erdogan has displaced some 350,000 Kurds with his current campaign, however, and is polarizing his country on several fronts at once.

The United States cannot hope to retain credibility as a battlefield ally of YPG fighters risking all to take on ISIL if it cannot even protect them from a NATO member like Turkey. Erdogan appears to believe that he can bully Trump into abandoning the Syrian Kurds as allies. It remains to be seen if he has calculated correctly. Read the full story here.

Mark Levin: Here’s Proof Obama 'admin' LIED To Us About Climate Change ‘To Advance An Ideology’.

Mark Levin: Here’s Proof Obama 'admin' LIED To Us About Climate Change ‘To Advance An Ideology’. (DailyWire).

On his radio program Thursday, constitutional lawyer and bestselling author Mark Levin slammed the Obama administration for manipulating data about climate change and “lying” to the American in order to advance its socialist ideology.
Levin was responding to a report by The Daily Caller‘s Chris White, who highlighted an admission by a former Obama Energy Department official earlier in the week that the administration deliberately presented “misleading” and “sometimes just wrong” climate data. Here’s an excerpt from the report (second hyperlink added):
Former Energy Department Undersecretary Steven Koonin told The Wall Street Journal Monday that bureaucrats within former President Barack Obama’s administration spun scientific data to manipulate public opinion.
“What you saw coming out of the press releases about climate data, climate analysis, was, I’d say, misleading, sometimes just wrong,” Koonin said, referring to elements within the Obama administration he said were responsible for manipulating climate data.
What they forgot to tell you, and you don’t know until you read all the way into the fine print is that it actually decreased in the decades before that,” he said. 
Levin pointed to Koonin’s statement as yet more evidence that the Obama administration had let ideology trump the truth and outright “lied” to the American people.
We were lied to. We were lied to in order to advance an ideology,” said the radio host. Read the full story here.

U.S. President Trump tosses Obama’s offshore drilling limits: ‘We’re opening it up’.

You think he listened

U.S. President Trump tosses Obama’s offshore drilling limits: ‘We’re opening it up’.(WT).

Reversing yet another of his predecessor’s actions on energy and the environment, President Trump on Friday signed an executive order that paves the way for a massive increase in offshore oil-and-gas drilling.

In brief remarks at the White House, Mr. Trump said the order — which is likely to result in new energy exploration in the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans, as well as in the Gulf of Mexico — will boost the nation’s economy and directly create jobs. The order undoes former President Obama’s ban on new offshore drilling leases in the Atlantic and Arctic, which was put in place during the final weeks of his term.

“We’re opening it up,” the president said. “Today we’re unleashing American energy and clearing the way for thousands and thousands of high-paying American energy jobs. Our country is blessed with incredible natural resources, including abundant offshore oil and natural gas reserves … This executive order starts the process of opening offshore areas to job-creating energy exploration.

It reverses the previous administration’s Arctic leasing ban, so hear that — it reverses the previous administration’s Arctic leasing ban, and directs Secretary Zinke to allow responsible development of offshore areas that will bring revenue to our treasury and jobs to our workers.” Read the full story here.

Friday, April 28, 2017

London terror suspect was on 'Peaceful' Gaza flotilla ship Mavi Marmara in 2010.

London terror suspect was on 'Peaceful' Gaza flotilla ship Mavi Marmara in 2010. (I24news).

Investigators told Reuters that they did not think that Ali's participation in the flotilla was linked to the incident on Thursday.

In May 2010 nine Turkish citizens were killed after Israeli commandos raided the Mavi Marmara, part of a flotilla that was attempting to reach Gaza.

An Israeli inquiry found that the soldiers opened fire after the activists aboard the ship attempted to attack them with knives and metal rods.

Ten Israeli commandos were injured in the incident.The man arrested carrying knives close to the parliament in London on Thursday, was on board a Gaza flotilla ship raided by Israeli soldiers in 2010, the Reuters news agency reports.

The man, named by sources to the agency as 27-year-old Khalid Omar Ali, is being held in custody on suspicion of terrorism offences and possession of an offensive weapon.

British police said that he was being monitored by security services, and was arrested as part of a security operation. According to Reuters, a man identified as "Ali" features on an activist's website in 2010.

In a video he says that he was also on the ship Strofades IV which was boarded by Greek commandos after a hostage situation developed after a disagreement with the vessel's captain."Ali" also reportedly discussed his aim to join the Road to Hope convoy which aimed to deliver aid to Gaza via Egypt in 2010. Hmmmm.....let me guess he traveled often to Turkey? 

"Peaceful Mavi Marmara victim to donate compensation to Hamas, Islamic Jihad.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Podcast - The North Korean Electromagnetic Pulse Threat, Or Lack Thereof ?

@gbrumfiel and @ArmsControlWonk clearly had fun talking about EMPs.

Can a nuclear weapon in space fired by North Korea knock off much of the world's electricity? 

Jeffrey Lewis, of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, says not really.
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