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  • Updated !Earthquakes in the last 24 hours in the world seismic activity in Japan 4.9 and 4.9 in Guam ! More info here.


  • Japan : For the most accurate info on the nuclear disaster go to: Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog.Here.


  • Hurricane Katia : Latest Updates here.
  • From the MEMRI 9/11 Documentation Archives: MEMRI Films Presents ‘The Arab and Iranian Reaction to 9/11: Five Years Later’ – Narrated by Acclaimed Actor Ron Silver.(Memri).Since the attacks of September 11, 2001, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) has been monitoring, translating, and recording statements from the Arab and Iranian media about what took place on that day. Among these statements are conspiracy theories, by prominent journalists, members of academia, leading religious figures, and even Arab government officials, about what “really” happened.To mark the fifth anniversary of the attacks, MEMRI produced a film and a book exposing conspiracy phenomena surrounding these events in the Arab and Iranian media. The MEMRI Films documentary, focusing on the Arab and Iranian reaction to 9/11, includes footage from various television and satellite television channels in the Middle East, was narrated by the late acclaimed actor Ron Silver.

To view the film on the MEMRI website, visit

To view the entire film, visit

Part I, visit

Part II, visit

Part III, visit

Read and see the full story here.


  • Why Hasn’t KSM Been Tried Yet? (Hint: Obama).The Washington Times has a story today about the slow progress in the effort to try 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed in a military court. It seems that delays may continue for months or even years.The cause of the latest delays? President Obama.Buried DEEP within the story lies the truth about Obama’s meddling:Retired Brig. Gen. Thomas Hemingway, a former top legal adviser to the commission convening authority, said that while Mr. Holder was mulling the KSM case, President Obama changed the Manual for Military Commissions by executive order in 2010. The change requires that defendants facing capital charges in military tribunals have access to a “learned counsel” — a lawyer experienced in death penalty cases.“Much of the time since April has been consumed by finding ‘learned counsel’ and going through the process to secure such counsel the requisite security clearance,” Gen. Hemingway said.Source: Washington Times
    He can’t hide behind Holder on this one because of the executive order. Hope!Change! Read the full story here.


  • MUST READ:: FBI Releases Image of Man Wanted For 911 Threats (SHARE WIDELY).(Vinienco).This is believed to be one of the men counter terrorism chiefs say are plotting a terrorist attack in America on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11. An image of American-born 22-year-old Jude Kenan Mohammad has been posted on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list. He has been linked to what officials have called a credible but unconfirmed al-Qaeda threat to set off a car bomb on bridges or tunnels in New York City or Washington. Mohammad is among three al-Qaeda leaders that investigators believe pose a particular threat because they have lived in the U.S. Should that mission prove impossible, the attackers have been told to simply cause as much destruction as they can. Mohammad, who was born in Florida, dropped out of North Carolina’s Fuquay-Varina High School in 2006 and left the U.S. two years later to visit Pakistan, his father’s homeland. A federal grand jury in North Carolina indicted him and seven other men in 2009 on charges that they conspired to carry out terrorist activities around the world. Two of the men have pleaded guilty, and the trial of four others is set for September 19 in New Bern. Federal authorities have never arrested Mohammad in the case, saying that they believe he has been in Pakistan since the indictment was issued.Hmmmm…..He doesn’t look like the guys in the DHS videos(White,middleaged)?Read and see the full story here.


  • Obama Using “Jobs” Plan to Pay for Campaigning.By Keith Koffler.This is really so annoying. Obama is campaigning on your dime again.Ostensibly, he’s headed out into the hinterland to “discuss the bipartisan proposals to grow the economy and create jobs as part of the American Jobs Act he unveiled in an address to a joint session of Congress on Thursday,” as the White House puts it.But really he’s using this new “jobs” bill as an excuse to campaign in key swing states. Since the travel is billed as “official business,” taxpayers pick up the tab. So all expenses get added to the national debt.The SOJA – or the Save Obama’s Job Act, aka The American Jobs Act – now serves two main purposes: to put Republicans on the spot to support the bill or risk being stigmatized by Obama as job killers; and to help the president reach voters. It’s effect on the economy will be marginal at best.Today, Obama appeared in Virginia, flying to Richmond, the “Dixie” part of the state where he needs votes to add to the majorities he’ll likely get in Northern Virginia, which is demographically part of the Northeast.On Tuesday he’s off to Columbus, Ohio, supposedly again to urge congressional action on his proposals.And, the White House just announced, he’ll be in the Raleigh-Durham area Wednesday,Virginia + Ohio + North Carolina = 46 electoral votes Obama desperately needs in states where the presidential hand to hand combat will be brutal.Hmmmm….”I Feel your pain”Thanks for paying my bills,Save Obama’s Job .Read the full story here.


  • “Indoctrination 101” : Pictures of a 3rd-Grader’s Social Studies Text Book.(DougRoss).Wondering whether elementary school students are truly indoctrinated in the left wing agenda? Well, wonder no more. They are; and it’s worse — far worse — than you can possibly imagine.Consider, if you will, McGraw-Hill’s Our Democratic Heritage, a textbook designed for third-graders and published in 2010. If you’d assume that it was intended to teach kids about America’s founding and its institutions of government, you’d assume wrong.The book is a veritable cornucopia of left wing spin.

There is but one sentence devoted to the Bill of Rights. It reads, “These rights [of citizens] are listed in the part of the U.S. Constitution called the Bill of Rights”.

• Two pages cover the Declaration of Independence

• Two pages describe the Constitution, all of which are devoted to the three branches of government and separation of powers

• No pages are devoted to James Madison and the authors of the Constitution; there is no mention of federalism

• Six pages are spent describing the background of Paul Revere

• Ten pages are devoted to the history of democracy in ancient Greece.

• George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are mentioned only in passing, almost as if they are immaterial scenery on the road to diversity and social Utopia.

In the section entitled “America’s Freedom Fighters”:

• Eight pages are spent covering the life of Frederick Douglass

• Five pages on Susan B. Anthony

• Six pages on Mary McLeod Bethune,

• Zero pages are devoted to the life of Abraham Lincoln

In fact, the entire Civil War is described only as a backdrop to the lives of Frederick Douglas and Mary McLeod Bethune.

In the section entitled “The Fight for Freedom Continues”:

• Seven pages are spent on praise for FDR (including 2 pages on Pearl Harbor)

• Six pages on Eleanor Roosevelt

• Six pages are devoted to Thurgood Marshall

• Six pages are spent on LBJ’s life and the wondrous effects of “Great Society”

• Six pages are spent on Cesar Chavez and the lionization of the labor movement

There is no list of American Presidents.There is no mention of the two-party system, nor the fact that there exists a group called “The Republican Party”.And there is no mention of a Republican President other than Abraham Lincoln, who merits but a picture and a single sentence. In fact, you would not know from reading this book that there ever was a Republican President.A total of four paragraphs are spent describing World War II. There is no mention of President Harry S. Truman or of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan to mercifully end World War II.There is, of course, no mention of Ronald Reagan.One of the goals we Constitutional conservatives must have is to regain control of our public school systems, which appear to be — if this book is any indication — completely out of control.Hmmmm……Indoctrination 101.Read and see the full story here.


  • Congress expands Fast and Furious probe to White House.(LATimes).Congressional investigators reviewing the failed gun-tracking program Operation Fast and Furious have formally asked the Obama administration to turn over copies of “all records” involving three key White House national security officials and the program, other ATF gun cases in Phoenix, and all communications between the White House and the ATF field office in Arizona. The letter signed Friday by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista), chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and Sen. Charles E. Grassley of Iowa, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, was sent to National Security Advisor Thomas E. Donilon, a top aide to President Obama. It marks a significant step in the committee’s investigation into the failed gun-tracking operation, as the committee begins to broaden its investigation from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and targets White House and Department of Justice officials. This material, Issa and Grassley said, “will enable us to determine the extent of the involvement of White House staff in Operation Fast and Furious.” White House officials, along with those at the Justice Department, said they have been cooperating in the widening probe, begun earlier this year when several ATF whistleblowers alerted Congress that Fast and Furious weapons were found at the scene of the slaying of a U.S. Border Patrol agent. A White House official said that “no one at the White House knew about the investigative tactics being used in the operation, let alone any decision to let guns walk.” The official, who asked not to be identified Friday because the case is continuing, also said White House staffers and some members of Congress, including Issa, were given Fast and Furious briefings as early as April of 2010, but not about the investigative tactics of the operation. “These e-mail exchanges show nothing more than an effort to give local color to a policy initiative that was designed to give more resources to help with the border problem,” the official added. Under the program, ATF agents allowed illegal gun purchases and hoped to track the weapons to Mexican cartel leaders. But most of the more than 2,000 firearms were lost. Hundreds have reportedly turned up in Mexican crime scenes, two at the shooting where Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed, and a semi-automatic was used in an altercation and assault with police in Maricopa, Ariz. The congressional letter comes after a series of emails surfaced last week showing that William D. Newell, the ATF field supervisor in Phoenix during Fast and Furious, was in routine contact with Kevin O’Reilly, then the White House director of North American Affairs for the National Security Council. The emails discussed a broad range of gun-trafficking investigations on the Southwest Border, and White House officials have since acknowledged that the cases were part of Fast and Furious. The White House has said that O’Reilly forwarded the emails to two other White House officials – Dan Restrepo, special assistant to the president and senior director for Western Hemisphere Affairs on the NSC, and Greg Gatjanis, director for Terrorist Finance and Counternarcotics, Counterterrorism Policy, also on the NSC. In their letter, Issa and Grassley discussed a new email in which Newell told O’Reilly about a specific case that ATF agents had been aware of for three months involving a 22-year-old illegal gun purchaser whom the ATF allowed to buy nearly 700 firearms. The purchaser was on food stamps and, Newell said in a follow-up email to O’Reilly, “when a 22-year-old kid on State financial assistance walks into a gun store and plops down $12,000 in cash to buy a tripod mounted .50 caliber rifle that’s a clue (even for us) that he’s involved in trafficking firearms for a Mexican DTO [cartel].’ According to Issa and Grassley, that exchange of information makes it “clear that the case Mr. Newell and Mr. O’Reilly were communicating about was Fast and Furious.”The letter requests all emails, documents, briefing papers and handwritten notes involving O’Reilly, Restrepo and Gatjanis during the Fast and Furious period, which ran for 15 months between fall 2009 and January 2011. The committee also wants to personally interview O’Reilly by the end of this month.Hmmmmm…….Gunwalker ‘These boots are made for walking,one of these days these biooots will walk all over you’.Read the full story here.


  • Officials investigate missing ammo at Fort Bragg.(Fox).FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (AP) – Officials at Fort Bragg say an investigation is under way into the disappearance of nearly 14,000 rounds of ammunition at the Army base. Staff Sgt. Joshua Ford, a spokesman for the 82nd Airborne Division, says the ammunition went missing from the 1st Brigade Combat Team at Fort Bragg. The Fayetteville Observer reports that Ford believed the ammunition was taken overnight on Tuesday. The 1st Brigade team was placed on lockdown for a few hours Wednesday night while officials conducted a search. The missing ammunition can be used in an M-4 or M-16 assault rifle. Ford says the 82nd Airborne Division and military police are taking the matter seriously and that “any amount of ammunition that goes missing” has “got to be accounted for.”Hmmmmm…….Read the full story here.