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Monday, December 18, 2017

The 'ISIS Widows' and the myth of the innocent jihadi spouses.

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The 'ISIS Widows' and the myth of the innocent jihadi spouses. (JPost).

One woman recalled being raped by an Islamic State fighter. First the fighter’s wife would come in and put makeup on her. Then the wife would force her to dress up. Then, when his wife was done “preparing” her, the husband would come and rape her. According to an account published this year, the survivor remembers the rapist calling her “kuffar,” the Islamist word for sub-human or “unbeliever.”
Today the ISIS “widows” are the center of sympathy.
The thousands of Yazidi slaves that ISIS captured in August 2014 tell a different story of the ISIS women.

One told a reporter from Alternet that some of the jihadists’ wives were “worse” than the men. A Yazidi woman named Seeham said that the ISIS women would shout abuse at her.

One of the women forced her to shave her body and “brought sexy clothes to wear for her husband and helped him rape me by tying me to the bed.” It got worse. Seeham had a little daughter. Read the full story here.

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