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Monday, April 17, 2017

Erdogan’s AKP Party’s main mouthpiece: "Erdogan is now ‘the Caliph’ who needed to be trusted and obeyed.

Erdogan’s AKP Party’s main mouthpiece: "Erdogan is now ‘the Caliph’ who needed to be trusted and obeyed.' (Shoebat).

With the expected victory, Yeni Safak’s journalist, Ergün Yıldırım, on Resurrection Sunday began publishing to push the cult of Erdogan, proclaiming him as part and parcel of God Himself, saying that Erdogan is now ‘the Holy Spirit’ and ‘Caliph’ who needed to be trusted and obeyed while the Ottoman Turkey ‘resurrects’ from the dead. Yeni Safak is not some lunatic blogger, it is Erdogan’s AKP Party’s main mouthpiece.

In the article, Yıldırım began to redefine a new era for Islam under the newly resurrected ‘Caliphate’ dividing the societal structure in what he termed as “the subject” (the Caliph) who is “God the Holy Spirit” and literally calling him “our Lord” while “the slave” becomes the rest of the people needed to simply trust and obey their god and savior:

'God addresses nations the same way that he addresses individuals in our Holy Book. He regards them as the subject, for example, he says, "the societies that think," and "the society that changes itself." The subject is the fate/destiny of the person, thus when a society is the subject, it too has a destiny. The person that is the subject is the khaliph. He is a piece of God's spirit, he uses his will. He chooses good or evil.'

Turkey has been sentenced to act according to the will of other societies for the past 200 years. They have been tamed with authority, parties, fears and powers.

“ Now We are waking up to our own fate. We are breaking free from our [western] chains. We are waking up [from the dead] to existence. We are waking up in general. In the darkest of times we hear our poet Akif saying, ‘Wake up Muslim society.’ We are rising. We are being reborn. Every birth is a scream and we are screaming too. This is our final scream. It is the scream of birth and existence.

Today the nation will scream for the last time. It is the day that society will once again exist with its own fate. It is the day that we will leave the TIH Desert for the last time. It is the day we are honored with being a nation again. It is the last time we say “yes” to our Lord [Erdogan] calling out, “Aren’t I your Lord [God]?Hmmmm.....And the 48.5 % who did not vote for Erdogan? Will they be 'disposed' of? Read the full story here.

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