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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Video - Syria's White helmets, living next door to Al Qaeda in Aleppo.

This report is from French humanitarian Pierre Le Corf, based in Aleppo for one year:

Beware, the reality on the war on Syria and in Aleppo can really burn your eyes. Hospitals totally destroyed and White Helmets are heroes in Aleppo? An Oscar? A nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize? At what price will we continue to lie and kill, to justify this war to support terrorist groups, to keep another sovereign country on the brink of suffocation like so many before? I have compiled the following images to give you another perspective to the corporate media narrative.

As a French citizen, I refuse to support my country's criminal foreign policy. Please read my letter to the President of the French republic where I outline my objections very clearly. In less than two hours I have gathered images of two hospitals that are still operating, claimed to have been destroyed. I have walked past tonnes of medicines reserved for the various terrorist groups and prohibited for civilians. I have passed by the remains of the buildings under the control of Jabhat Al Nusra and the Free Syrian Army, next door to the White Helmets building, which as civilian testimony shows us, mainly helped terrorists not civilians.

We were told, the White Helmets only performed when the camera was ON. We were told they carried weapons, executed Syrian soldiers, participated in executions for the Islamic courts, stole from victims etc but a crucial point is quite simply, almost all members of the White Helmets were affiliated to the terrorist groups and swore allegiance to Nusra Front and Harakat Nour al Din Al Zinki. Watch the video of my friend Vanessa Beeley

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