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Friday, March 3, 2017

Video - Belgium: 300 graves desecrated in Sambreville (Wallonia).

Plus de 300 caveaux du cimetière communal d'Auvelais vandalisés !

Video - Belgium: 300 graves desecrated in Sambreville (Wallonia).HT: Christianophobia. [Google translated]

The desecrations were found in the afternoon of the 1 st of March. As the Sambreville is located in the Walloon Region in the province of Namur.

In the commune of Sambreville, the municipal cemetery of Auvelais was engulfed by desecrators who did not hesitate to use objects or metal handles, vandalizing this way more than 300 graves. At this stage of the investigation, one of the most plausible hypothesis is financial gain. The objects were  all material of bronze, copper or brass. It is objects on the vaults, like lamps or statues, but also door handles. Families are invited to report to the municipal authorities on their tomb damage.  Informed of the facts, Father Francis Lallemand, the Auvelais pastoral sector, immediately responded by sending the following message to the mayor of the entity: "Sad case to the cemetery. Heart goes out to you to manage this despicable violence and any heart with families injured by these heinous acts. "

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