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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Radicalized Muslim known to security agencies shot dead in 'terror' incident at Paris Orly airport.

Radicalized Muslim known to security agencies shot dead in 'terror' incident at Paris Orly airport. (DailyStar).

Two shooting incidents occurred within just over an hour and a half of each other in the capital of France.

A policeman was shot after pulling over a car in Stain, north Paris, during an “identity check” at 6.55am.

Then at 8.30am the man managed to wrestle a gun from a soldier before being shot dead at Orly Airport.

French police have now confirmed the man was a “radicalised Muslim” known to intelligence services.

The anti-terrorism prosecutor has opened an investigation after the incident – and the father and brother of the man have been arrested.

The jihadi is understood to have been stopped by three police officers while making his way to the airport.

He pulled his papers, before producing a gun and shooting one of the cops.

His car sped off, and at some point he is understood to have switched vehicles.

The man, who police said was on a security watch list, had earlier fled the suburb of Stains in a Renault Clio stolen from a woman at gunpoint after opening fire on officers using a pistol, injuring one, during an identity check.

The car was later found abandoned. According to one report, it contained a bloodstained T-shirt.

After arriving at Orly airport, the man snatched a gun from a soldier patrolling the south terminal before being shot dead.

The terror comes as Prince William and Kate Middleton get ready to meet with French President Francois Hollande in Paris - but police said this incident will not impact the Royal visit.

Gun cops swooped on Orly which has 3000 passengers evacuated and had flights diverted to nearby Charles De Gaulle.

Commando police deployed the bomb squad robot amid fears the man was wearing an “explosive belt”.

French Interior Ministry confirmed the man was not carrying explosives.

Ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet said: “A man took a weapon from a soldier then hid in a shop in the airport before being shot dead by security forces.

Police sources have now confirmed the man’s identity and said he was a radicalized muslim known to the intelligence services. Cops are probing whether the man acted alone. More here.


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