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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Fakenews? Palestinian woman dies after giving birth to 69 children?

Hoax? Palestinian woman dies after giving birth to 69 Children? (DC).

Gaza: Motherhood is supposed to be a wonderful experience of life, but with lack of awareness and certain societal pressures giving birth can actually turn out to be an ordeal for some women that can even result in death.

A similar shocking incident has surfaced from Gaza, where a woman died bearing the brunt for lack of awareness about contraception and family planning. She lost her life after giving birth to her 69th child at the age of just 40 years.

The Palestinian woman, who was known as one of the most fertile women in the world, had given birth to twins 16 times, triplets seven times and quadruplets four times.

While the unfortunate woman is said to be the most fertile woman as per statistics, a woman from Russia going by the name Vassilyeva holds the record of giving birth to 69 children, which involved 16 twins and seven sets of triplets with four quadruplets. Hmmmm.....The odds of this 'Palestinian woman' giving exactly the same number of children in the same way (Twins, triplets and Quadruplets) as the Russian Guinness record holder are astronomical....I doubt this 'story' very much.

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