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Friday, March 24, 2017

Composting the dead? Belgian francophone politician thinks it should be possible.

Composting the dead? Belgian francophone politician thinks it should be possible.(HLN). [Google translated].

Olivier Maingain (DEFI) advocates for ecological reasons for legalizing composting of the dead as an alternative form of funeral services.

Olivier D. A. Gh. Maingain is a Belgian francophone politician and president of DéFI.
Currently there are two legal practices: burial and cremation. But according Maingain those are "highly polluting, expensive and problematic in terms of space requirements. He advocated therefore the legalization of composting.

"It is a controlled process in which human remains can be converted in a compost of pruning wood chips in twelve months by micro-organisms in healthy and fertile humus. There are no coffins, no concession fees, no embalming costs involved, no chemical products are added ... "said Maingain. According to the MP this question is among other questions filed by citizens in his community .

"My administration does not have a scientific study that compares the benefits of humusation  to the two legal ways of burying . Given the organization of the funeral management in Belgium -. Cemeteries and funeral homes - there seems to be a very low environmental impact for all techniques "said Minister Marghem who referes for a possible modification of the law of July 20, 1971 in the cemeteries and funeral services by referring to her colleague of the Interior Jan Jambon.

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