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Sunday, February 5, 2017

WaPo Ignores Islamic/Muslim Anti-Semitism.

WaPo Ignores Islamic/Muslim Antisemitism. (DailyWire). By :Robert Kraychik.

In an article ostensibly conducting a broad analysis of contemporary anti-Semitism, Yair Rosenberg essentially ignores its overlaps with Muslims and Islam.

Published at The Washington Post - a left-wing and Democrat-aligned news outlet that postures as objective and non-partisan - on Friday, Rosenberg's take is entitled, "Five myths about anti-Semitism."

Rosenberg describes today's dark situation for European Jewry with respect to anti-Semitism across the continent.

His analysis of contemporary anti-Semitism in the Old World, however, almost entirely ignores its relationship with rapid growth of the continent's Muslim population in recent decades via immigration and reproduction. Read the full story here.

Antisemitism on rise across Europe 'in worst times since the Nazis'

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