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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Video - Judicial watch On Watch: Episode 6 - Attorney General Sessions.

video/transcript for On Watch: Episode 6 – Attorney General Sessions. HT Judicial Watch.

No Attorney General in the history of this nation has faced the number, and variety of challenges now before Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

You may recall that the mantra of the incoming George W. Bush administration “it’s time to move on.”  I have every reason to believe that will NOT be the approach AG Sessions will take.  In fact – It can’t be.  The American people won’t stand for it.  They are tired of double-talk.

President Trump was elected to “drain the swamp” – the American public wants answers and justice for things like Fast & Furious, Hillary Clinton’s outlaw email server, the political weaponizing of the IRS.  The Justice Dept lies in the heart of the swamp.

Attorney General Sessions is going into an agency characterized by people like fired Acting AG Sally Yates – hundreds of embedded political operatives who overtly or subversively will act against the policies of this administration.

These are the so-called “4th branch of government” – the career civil servants of the Washington DC metropolitan area who run the government decade after decade, regardless of election outcomes.

They are predominantly from the political Left.  In this last election, DC residents voted 93% for Hillary Clinton; in Prince Georges County, MD — 89% for Hillary Clinton; and in Arlington County, VA — 77%. This, in large part, is representative of AG Sessions’ work force at Justice Dept. headquarters. Read the full transcript here.

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