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Thursday, February 2, 2017

'Islamist Dictator' Erdogan chides Merkel over use of ‘Islamist terror’ term.

'Islamist Dictator' Erdogan chides Merkel over use of ‘Islamist terror’ term. (Komnews).

Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan chided German Chancellor Angela Merkel over her use of the term “Islamist terror” when describing the Islamic State.

Responding to a comment by Merkel that a joint struggle needed to be waged against the IS group,  Erdogan said the use of the term “Islamist terror” was not correct.

Islam means peace. Bringing together the terms ‘Islam’ and ‘terror’ will only upset Muslims around the world. I would like to ask that this term not be used to describe the jihadist terror of Islamic State,” Erdogan said.

Merkel responded to Erdogan’s comment, saying ‘Islam’ and ‘Islamist’ were not the same thing and that the German nation had stood against all kinds of terror.

“Religious freedoms are very important for me. In Germany we are doing everything we can to enable Muslims to practice their beliefs freely. Our people have the utmost respect for Muslims,” Merkel said.


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