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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Again Major Human Rights Violations by Turkish Army against Kurds.

Again Major Human Rights Violations by Turkish Army against Kurds. (ML)

ISTANBUL – Allegations of major human rights violations have emerged from Koruköy, a village of perhaps 500 in Turkey’s largely Kurdish southeast that’s been under military blockade since February 11.

“Five helicopters and lots of soldiers came to the village and we heard them come into our neighbors’ homes,” Newal Aygül (not her real name), a Koruköy resident told The Media Line, speaking secretly over the phone.

They took nearly all of the men out of the village, and some of the women. We don’t know where.

Soldiers cut off access to and from Koruköy, confined the villagers to their homes, and reportedly took all of their telephones, though Aygül managed to hold on to hers.

She says soldiers have abused the villagers, harassed the women and scared the children.

“My husband was beaten by soldiers in front of our children. They also took him to the village square in front of the neighbors and beat him there,” Aygül said.

I saw soldiers beating a boy, maybe 15 or 16, just for using his phone, maybe because of the sounds or pictures. Then they took him and dunked him in the well.

Their livestock, crucial for their rural livelihood, have died.

All the animals died because the soldiers don’t let us take them out. ‘If you let them out, we’ll kill you,’ they tell us,” Aygül says.

Water was cut off for two months until recently being turned back on, and Aygül thinks dirty well water made many villagers ill.

“There are lots of children here, and probably most are sick. We don’t know how to treat them. There’s an ambulance, but when we take them there, the doctors and nurses don’t care for them properly.”

The Mardin Governor’s Office, which has jurisdiction over Koruköy, denies any abuse has occurred. Publicly, it says the military operations aim to “neutralize the terrorists” and arrest collaborators. Read the full story here.

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