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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Video - Russian (Chechen) military police in Aleppo.

Reports on the work of Chechen servicemen in Aleppo are sent to Chechnya every day, said Ruslan Numakhadzhiev, the commander of the military police battalion. According to his story, Chechen militaries are in Aleppo since mid-December of 2016.

On January 18, the channel of the agency ANNA-News (abridged from Abkhazian Network News Agency) posted a video on the YouTube "Russian military police in Aleppo". 

In the case of Syria, according to the report, the agency seems supports the position of the Russian power agents.

The video shoes the work of the military police battalion of the MoD in Aleppo and presents interviews with the battalion commander Ruslan Numakhadzhiev and his soldiers.

In Aleppo, Chechen militaries subordinate to the Centre for Reconciliation of Warring Parties, said Numakhadzhiev.

He noted that his battalion conducts joint exercises with Syrian militaries and policemen.

According to his story, in Aleppo it is necessary to correct "the negative opinion about Chechens, prevailing among the local population."

Numakhadzhiev has also stated that the battalion fighters "are happy that they were entrusted to carry out such a mission on behalf of the Russian Federation."

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