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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Perpetrator of Terror attack Bissonnette had withdrawn into himself was bullied during childhood.

Perpetrator of Terror attack Bissonnette had withdrawn into himself. (Lapresse)[GoogleTranslate].

Alexandre Bissonnette, a Carougeois student in political science at Université Laval, has reportedly cut off contact with several people around him, including his best friend, in the month preceding the tragic Sunday night shooting at the Holy Mosque -Foy.

Éric Debroise had met Alexandre Bissonnette a few times in the last few months, through the best friend of the presumed shooter of the mosque. Bissonnette occasionally sent him political comments in a private message on Facebook.

"He had retired and was not communicating with people for nearly a month. His best friend could no longer reach him. The last time he wrote to me was after Castro's death. I did not reply. He was upset that the media he judged on the left did not say anything against Castro, but were very vocal against Trump. "

It is that Bissonnette had an admiration assumed for the new American president, explains Éric Debroise, who himself works in the political field and militates for Quebecois secularism. In the aftermath of the attack on Monday, Debroise said he realized he had been dealing without knowing it with a "white supremacist, a pure racist." However, he would never have made that statement before Sunday's tragedy. "He was small and slim, very introverted with a fleeting glance. He did not look very strong. I never thought he was at risk of radicalization. "

Alexandre Bissonnette had been studying political science at Université Laval for several years. The establishment announced on Monday that it was excluded from any activity of the establishment until the end of the judicial process in progress. "He was practically in all my classes. He's a loner. He did not really have friends, "says a former college fellow.

"It seemed to me the most classic of right-wing conservatives. He had never referred to violence as a vehicle for political action, "says another student, who had done a part-time job with him. It nevertheless corroborates the very vocal support of Bissonnette for Donald Trump.

Another man who rubbed shoulders with Bissonnette remembers him as "a not very sociable guy". "Sincerely, I'm not so surprised that his name comes out after the tragedy. It has always been special. "
Some community groups also raised, on Monday, the unflattering reputation that Alexandre Bissonnette had made on the social networks.

"It is with pain and anger that we learn the identity of the terrorist Alexandre Bissonnette, unfortunately known to several activists in Quebec for his positions of identity, pro-Marine Le Pen and anti-feminists on social networks" Denounced the page manager Welcome to - Quebec City, François Deschamps.

Mr. Deschamps then told La Presse that Bissonnette regularly attacked feminist groups behind his keyboard, using the term "femazazi".

Intimidated all his childhood

In Cap-Rouge, on the other hand, the arrest of Bissonnette created a different wave of shock among those who rubbed shoulders with him at one time or another of his youth, especially in the cadets and schools of Grandes-Marées and Of the Compagnons-de-Cartier.

"All I can remember is that it was incredible how intimidated he was. He was one of the most intimidated guys in the school, he and his twin brother, "remembers a former classmate at Compagnons-de-Cartier.

"He never said anything, he let himself be pounded on his feet. Speaking with people who met him a little after high school, it seems that it made him very easy to manipulate, very influential. Today I tell people around me: look at what it can do to bully kids. "

Acquaintances from Mr. Bissonnette’s earlier years say he was introverted, socially awkward and frequently bullied. Toma Popescu remembered bigger kids teasing Mr. Bissonnette for his slight, pallid appearance and his unfashionable clothing. “He dressed like a country boy,” Mr. Popescu said.

The bullies who targeted Mr. Bissonnette would demand his money and his lunch, even roughing him up, Mr. Popescu added. But Mikael Labrecque Berger said that Mr. Bissonnette wasn’t cowed by his social problems at school.

He never seemed to take it like personally,” Mr. Berger. “He had an almost happy attitude about it.”

“Someone [would] tell him, ‘You’re ugly,’ and he would say, ‘You too are ugly.’” …

"Even at the primary level, he and his brother were rejected and they were intimidated. It was really nerds, "continues a neighbor of the Bissonnette family. Information confirmed to the Sun by former comrades at Grandes-Marées.

"They were behaving like twins. They were like merged together. They were also introverted, it is as if they were self sufficient, "explains another neighbor, Alain Dufour. However, one of the twins had moved in July.

"There has never been a party at home, never a youth gang in the yard. It was really not neighbors to problem, "continues his spouse, Huguette Gagnon. "It's an infinite sadness for the family. The parents were so present for their children. Their father was a model father in my head. The mother too. "

The family home of the Bissonnette family was searched by police on Sunday night.

No charges of terrorism.

Although the killing has been described as an act of terror, no charges of terrorism have been retained for the moment by the public prosecutor.

"The accusations made today are consistent with the evidence gathered," said Jacques in a brief press briefing after the appearance. But you understand that the events have happened very recently and that the police investigation is continuing. "

Under the Criminal Code of Canada, a terrorist activity is an act committed in the name of - exclusively or not - a political, religious or ideological purpose, objective or cause. It is committed - exclusively or not - to intimidate all or part of the population with regard to its security, inter alia in economic terms, or to compel a person, government or national or international organization to perform an act or To abstain from it, whether or not the person, population, government or organization is in Canada.

According to the Criminal Code, the act of terrorism causes serious injury or death to a person, through the use of violence, endangers the life of a person, seriously jeopardizes the health or Security of all or part of the population.

The penalty for an act of terrorism will be consecutive to any other penalty except life imprisonment. Read the full story here.

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