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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Berlin Christmas market attack, Wanted Tunisian suspect was known connected to Islamic state recruiters.

Berlin Christmas market attack, Wanted Tunisian suspect was known as Islamic state recruiters. (TN).

Anis Amri, the number one suspect in the ramshackle attack which killed 12 people Monday in Berlin, was suspected of preparing an attack by the German services before he went in action.

He was reported to the German counter-terrorism center in November.

German police are actively searching all over the country Anis or Ahmed Amri, a young Tunisian whose identity papers were found in the ram-truck at the origin of the attack on a Christmas market in Berlin claimed by the Islamic State (IA) group, according to media reports.

The investigators found his ID document under the driver's seat in the truck cabin which deliberately run in on wooden chalets of the busy market, killing 12 people, according to several German newspapers.

The man, known under three different identities and three different ages, reportedly applied for asylum in Germany in April.
Refused in June, he would not have been deported from Germany.
The suspect is allegedly linked to a network of alleged IS recruiters in Germany and considered particularly dangerous, according to the newspapers Süddeutsche Zeitung and Bild.

The attack took place on Monday evening in a very touristic place of Berlin, the attack also made 48 wounded, of which about fifteen between life and death. It was claimed Tuesday night by the jihadist group EI.

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