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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Video - Saudi Marital Consultant: One Wife Is Not Enough, Men Are Capable of Dispensing Love to Four Wives.

Saudi Marital Consultant Dr. Zahra Al-Muabi: One Wife Is Not Enough; Man Are Capable of Dispensing Love to Four Wives.

When asked why a man who loves his wife should turn to polygamy, Dr. Zahra Al-Muabbi, a Saudi family and marital consultant, responded: "One wife is not enough." She said that while the man was created with capabilities "which he can dispense among four wives," a woman "cannot even imagine... talking to another man." In June 2013, Al-Muabi caused an uproar when she said, on Al-Arabiya TV, that if a man beats his wife, she should beat him back.

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  1. And that's how they've taken over stronger countries throughout history. Invasion, then out populate that society. Done it many many times. It's part of Islam's modus operandi.


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