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Thursday, November 3, 2016

'Saudi Arabia Deviated from True Islam, Acting against Islamic Teachings': spokeswoman of the Muslim Association of Greece.

Muslim Brotherhood follower Anna Stamou

'Saudi Arabia Deviated from True Islam, Acting against Islamic Teachings': spokeswoman of the Muslim Association of Greece. (IFPnews).

According to a report by IRNA, as translated by IFP, Anna Stamou,(Stamou says she was born an Orthodox Christian but "found the answers to her questions" in Islam ) the press officer and spokeswoman of the Muslim Association of Greece, said on Wednesday, November 2, that Saudi rulers have moved away from Islam since a long time ago, and are acting against the teachings of Islam.

She referred to the ban imposed by Al Saud regime on women’s driving, and said such a ban is only exercised by Saudi Arabia, and no Muslim country has prohibited its women from driving.

I don’t know based on which Islamic teaching they prevent women from driving,” she added.

Another case of Saudi rulers’ deviation from Islamic teachings is that Muslim women are not allowed to benefit from their legal inheritance, while in Islam women should also receive inheritance.”*

“Freedom of speech and thought are among the teachings of Islam, but people in Saudi Arabia are deprived of the right to express their views. Saudi citizens are not allowed to play a role in their destiny,” she added.

She further pointed to the West’s efforts to spread Islamophobia, and said that Saudi rulers are adding fuel to such efforts by depriving their citizens of their basic rights, while Islam is the religion of peace and peaceful coexistence of followers of all religions.

“Islam has always encouraged its followers to having peaceful coexistence with other human beings, and has introduced religious minorities in Islamic countries as the integrated part of Muslim countries’ citizens with equal rights,” Stamou noted.

Hmmm......Islamic laws concerning female inheritance.......
* As usual the truth is a completely different story:
 1. She is a hardcore Muslim brotherhood groupie.
2. She is deceitful on what the Koran teaches.

Allah, the Exalted, stated in the Glorious Qur'an:

(Allah commands you as regards to your children's (inheritance); to the male, a portion equal to that of two females.)

Those who misunderstand Islam claim that Islam does injustice to women in terms of inheritance. They opine that it is unfair to grant the male a double to that of the female even though they are children of the same parents. Allah, the Exalted, offered a full and detailed method of women's inheritance in the Qur'an and Sunnah, and if an unbiased student of knowledge reflects on the details, he or she will discover the fault of this opinion.

To begin with, Allah has determined all the shares of all the relatives in respect to their relationship to the deceased. As He the Most Wise said:

(There is a share for men and a share for women from what is left by parents and those nearest related, whether the property is small or large, an obligatory share.)

Allah has stated three types of shares for a woman's inheritance as follows:
  1. A woman will have an equal share as that of the man.
  2. A woman will have an equal share to that of the man, or a little less.
  3. A woman will have half the share of a man.

This means that the minimum of her shares is half, and considering that a female has no continual financial responsibilities as a child, sister, wife or mother, and these responsibilities are always on the men of the family, this is very generous indeed.

More here.

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