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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Paris attack terrorist Mohamed Belkaid was radicalized in Sweden.

Paris attack terrorist Mohamed Belkaid was radicalized in Sweden. (sverigesradio).

A former resident of Sweden who was killed in a police anti-terror raid in Brussels was recruited and radicalized in Stockholm by an extremist network whose leader has eluded Säpo for over a decade, reports SVT's investigative programme, Uppdrag granskning.

Mohamed Belkaid lived in Sweden for almost four years before leaving to join IS in Syria in 2014. The 35-year-old Algerian is said to have had a coordinating role in the terrorist attacks in Paris and was reported to be planning new attacks in Brussels in March when he was shot dead by Belgium police at an apartment shared with several over jihadists.

A week later, the remainder of the terror group killed over 30 people in Brussels with suicide bombs.
Uppdrag granskning can now reveal that Belkaid became radicalized in Sweden by an Islamic extremist who recruits and helps finance the so-called Islamic State. The security and intelligence service Säpo has known about the man since the 1990s.

Sources tell the program that Mohamed Belkaid worked at a shop run by the former radical preacher in central Stockholm. He also lived in the same apartment block, along with other IS recruits.

The shop worked as a meeting place for extremists and according to Uppdrag Granskning, and it is where Belkaid, a petty thief, became radicalized.
The shop has since closed down and the whereabouts of its owner are not known although sources tell the program that he is is still an active IS recruiter in Sweden.
Uppdrag granskning, in cooperation with the German public service broadcaster ARD, gained access to a leaked list first given to Sky News, containing thousands of names of IS fighters. The documents date from 2013 and 2014 and include the names, addresses and other personal details as well as whether the candidate is prepared to carry out a suicide attack.

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