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Monday, November 7, 2016

Luxembourg's foreign minister Dares to say what others think: "Turkish repression like NAZI era tactics'

Luxembourg's foreign minister Dares to say what others think: "Turkish repression like NAZI era tactics'. (

Luxembourg's foreign minister is accusing Turkish authorities of using methods reminiscent of those employed by Nazis in a crackdown following July's coup attempt.

Opposition parties in Turkey and human rights groups accuse the government of clamping down on all critics, not just alleged coup plotters.

Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn told Germany's Deutschlandfunk radio on Monday that people who've been fired have their names published, have no chance of finding another job and no income, and risk hunger.

Asselborn said: "These are methods, one must say this bluntly, that were used during Nazi rule. And there has been a really, really bad evolution in Turkey since July that we as the European Union cannot simply accept."

He says Turkey's strong economic ties with the EU are "absolutely a means of pressure."

"At a certain point in time, we won't have any choice but to apply it (sanctions) to counteract the unbearable human rights situation."

Turkey's EU Minister Omer Celik said Asselborn lacked knowledge of history, and that Ankara's actions should be equated to efforts to "protect democracy during the fight against the Nazis".

"The Nazis are like apprentices when compared with Gulenist terror organisations ... We are talking about an organisation that has massacred its own people with warplanes, tanks, warships and helicopters. Nobody should think that we will take a step back in our fight against them."

Erdogan said on Sunday he did not care if Europe called him a dictator and accused European nations of abetting terrorism by supporting Kurdish militants.

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