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Thursday, November 3, 2016

'Islamist Dictatorship' Turkey launches site to report Islamophobia in games: 'PacMan collects Muslim women'.

'Islamist Dictatorship' Turkey launches website to report Islamophobia in games: 'PacMan collects Muslim women'.

Turkey has started an online website to report Islamophobic content in digital games, Youth and Sports Minister Akif Çağatay Kılıç told Anadolu Agency Thursday.

Kılıç said video games with Islamophobic content can now be reported at

The minister highlighted the dangers of Islamophobic content in digital games.

"Digital games are now being used by the West as a means to spread Islamophobia. Therefore, we have stepped in and taken action against this digital brainwashing to save our children and youngsters.

He added, "We have determined that the holy book [Quran] and relevant places were purposefully placed in these games to provoke fear. Violence, terrorism and Islamophobia is being imposed on youngsters through digital gaming and an ugly impression of our holy religion is being woven into our children's subconscious."

To most gamers, Pac-Man inhales dots and does his best to avoid ghosts in the classic arcade game. To the Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports, those ‘ghosts’ are actually veiled Muslim women and the game is a latent method of spreading Islamophobia around the world.

The website cites games that are several years old or do not have wide commercial distribution. One example is the website’s page for Pac-Man, which declares that Pac-Man, rather than do his best to avoid ghosts, “is a game of collecting veiled Muslim women. The Muslim women are figured as the virgins to be attacked.”

In April, the Islamic one man dictatorship government established an international “Islamophobia Research Center.”   Read the full 'story' here and here.

Hmmm.....It isn't Islamophobia to worry about an Islamist Country locking up all dissent like for example.........Turkey.

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