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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Iran’s rights charter (subjected to Cairo Declaration) to facilitate talks with EU.

Iran’s rights charter (subjected on the Cairo Declaration) to facilitate talks with EU. (IFPnews).

Citizens’ rights charter of Iran, currently being developed, will boost the country’s negotiation power as it is going to sit for human rights talks with the European Union, Elham Aminzadeh, President Hassan Rouhani’s assistant on citizenship rights, said.

This is because the charter is very comprehensive and includes diverse topics, even the rights of foreign nationals in Iran and Iranian nationals overseas,” she told Trend November 6.

The charter will be published in a matter of days, according to Aminzadeh.

Iran and the EU will sit together in Brussels on November 9 for the first time since the conclusion of the nuclear deal to exchange ideas on human rights, one major sticking point in bilateral ties.

The human rights debate has increasingly emerged as an important component for stronger ties between the two sides. Hmmm.....Apparently the EU parliamentarians have no clue at all that in Islamic countries human rights are subjected to shariah law. Read the full story here.

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