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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

France, Belgium ID ISIS 'brain'of Paris & Brussels attacks; seen here in an Amnesty campaign in 2010.


France, Belgium ID ISIS Oussama Atar,'brain'of Paris & Brussels attacks; seen here in an Amnesty campaign. (Telegraph).

French investigators have identified a Syria-based extremist of dual Belgian and Moroccan nationality as a suspected coordinator of attacks in Paris and Brussels, sources close to the case have told French media.

Amnesty international was campaigning  in 2010 to provide him with medical help not to have him released, they stated today.
Oussama Ahmad Atar, a 32-year-old thought to be a member of Isil, was already a suspect in the Brussels attacks on March 22 but has now been linked to the November 13, 2015 atrocities in Paris.

"He's the only coordinator from Syria to have been identified during the investigations," one of the sources told AFP.

Investigators in Belgium and France were long unsure as to who was the person behind Abou Amahad, a nom de guerre long linked to the terror attacks that killed 130 in Paris on November 13 and 32 in Brussels on March 22.

According to Le Monde, he was identified from a strip of several photograph as Oussama Atar by one of the terror suspects he had sent to Europe to commit atrocities.

Atar’s name had already been mentioned in the Belgian & French press in August as a potential “mastermind” of the Brussels attack with no further details. Now a “certain consensus” exists that he coordinated the attacks in both capitals remotely from Syria.

Atar is the cousin of Ibrahim and Khalid El Bakraoui - two brothers who blew themselves up in the March Brussels airport and metro attacks, also linked to the Paris attacks. Read the full story here.

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