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Monday, November 28, 2016

Erdogan’s secret 'Islamist' army is a 'deadly' threat to NATO.

Erdogan’s secret 'Islamist' army is a 'deadly' threat to NATO. (Turkish Minute).

The repressive regime of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been secretly building a paramilitary force with the help of retired Islamist and neo-nationalist generals since 2011 using Libyan and Syrian theatres for drills.

An orchestrated failed coup attempt on July 15 gave Erdoğan a fresh mandate to turn over the helm of the NATO alliance’s second largest army to this paramilitary group, with many distinguished officers including four-star generals purged without due process or investigation and replaced with partisans.

But more importantly, Erdoğan orchestrated a change that went largely unnoticed amid massive purges that have so far amounted over 100,000 from the military and branches of government. The change was buried in a government decree dated Oct. 31, 2016 that included a long list of dismissals and many changes. It said “retired officers and non commissioned officers are tasked with involvement in the recruitment of military personnel and cadets to the Turkish Armed Forces [TSK] until 2020.” This critical change effectively gives the entire personnel policy of the Turkish army to retired military men whose allegiance lies with the personality cult of the country’s top Islamist.

The man who runs Erdoğan’s private army, called Sadat, which has been training militant Islamist rebels who are fighting in Libya and Syria, is Adnan Tanrıverdi, a retired lieutenant general who was given the official position of chief military advisor to the president in August, a month after the failed coup. He is the point man who will reshape NATO’s largest army after the US by steering recruitment policy until 2020. Tanrıverdi is known for his Islamist ideology and has counseled Erdoğan for years although in an unofficial capacity.

Last but not the least, the Syrian operation by Turkey-backed rebels is effectively run by Sadat, whose headquarters are now located in Erdoğan’s palace. The orders and targeting are provided to the Turkish military by Sadat people, who have only one vested interest, which is to help Erdoğan fulfill his caliphate-style ambitions in the region. Even if the top brass may be unwilling to proceed on some of Erdoğan’s orders, that would not matter much given the fact that Erdoğan has already placed loyalists in field command positions to bypass the chain of command.

As a result, if Erdoğan’s vision succeeds, NATO’s second largest army will soon turn into an Islamist bastion that will breed religious zealots just like the Grand Ayatollah’s Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). This is a clear and present danger to the NATO military alliance. Hmmm......And he has a Fifth column army of followers all over the EU. Read the full story here.

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