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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Christian U.S. Yale academic ‘banned for life’ from 'Islamist' Turkey.

Christian U.S. Yale academic and refugee aid worker ‘banned for life’ from 'Islamist' Turkey. HT: WorldWatchMonitor.

Turkey deported an American Christian pursuing doctoral studies at Ankara University this week, revoking his residence visa 10 years after the scholar and his family first arrived in the country.

Ryan D. Keating, a Yale University graduate, was refused entry by immigration officials at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport when he arrived from London in the early hours of 17 Oct. 
Presenting Keating with an "inadmissible passenger notification report," officials informed him verbally that the Interior Ministry had issued a "lifetime ban" prohibiting him from ever returning to Turkey.
Keating, 39, was escorted to an airport detention centre for the remaining hours of the night and then put on a flight back to London at 7am.

The written document which Keating was asked to sign before leaving that morning was coded "G-82", clarifying that his legal residence visa had been revoked as a "national security" issue on 19 Aug.
"I’ve always known that it was possible to get kicked out of Turkey for my Christian beliefs, just like it used to happen in Turkey 10 years ago," Keating said. "But there is no indication why, no evidence or justification for this."
Keating is the second American Christian this month to face Turkey’s apparent crackdown against long-time residents of the country involved in active church-related ministries. Read the full story here.

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