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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Video - Pakistani Policeman Slaps Female Anchor During Live Report.

Video - Pakistani Policeman Slaps Female Journalist During Live Report. (Sputnik).

Saima Kanwal, reporter with Pakistani news channel K-21 was doing a live report on the problems faced by the peoples at the Nadra registration center in Karachi when a Pakistani Frontier Constabulary trooper deployed as a guard slapped her face.

Frontier Constabulary personnel first tried to stop the news reporter Saima Kanwal from entering the premises of the Nadra registration office and then the guards tried to stop the cameraman from taking the video footage of the office area.

Meanwhile, Saima Kanwal started asking questions with the security guard about why he had been misbehaving with the women present at the registration office then suddenly one of the Frontier Constabulary guard slapped her very hard and also fired his gun in the air. Read the full story here.

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