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Friday, October 28, 2016

Palestinian 'pres' Abbas held meeting with Hamas leadership in MB den Qatar

Palestinian 'pres' Abbas held meeting with Hamas leadership in MB den Qatar. (alyaexpress). [GoogleTranslated).

The three men held a business lunch together under the auspices of the Qatari Minister of étrangères.La Affairs meeting took place despite repeated denials by senior Fatah officials. Officials also said that There would be no renewal of the Hamas-Fatah during the reconciliation talks.

The Office of the President of the Palestinian Authority has sent an announcement very carefully made about the meeting. The statement said that Abbas spoke at a meeting in which both Mashaal and Haniyeh were present, and the meeting was held as part of lunch & business organized by the Qatari Minister of Foreign Affairs. The message went on to say that the meeting was conducted to the displeasure of Mahmoud Abbas, and hinted that the meeting took place due to pressure on him by the Qatari government.

Abbas did not say anything revolutionary about the meeting, but said that the process of reconciliation between the two groups, and the need to Eliminate divisions between Gaza and the West Bank.

The two sides agreed that we must revive reconciliation talks, and that negotiations should be mediated by Qatar. (read with MB Member Turkey).

Despite the rhetoric, the chance that there will be a breakthrough in reconciliation talks is slim, mainly because Abbas has little or no interest in reconciliation.

The tensions between the two political parties are at a peak, especially after that Abbas canceled the municipal elections scheduled to take place in Judea and Samaria. Hamas should participate in elections for the first time in a decade, and was expected to win almost all local elections.

Fatah is also furious that Hamas has taken him to reject the lists of Fatah officials, candidates in the Gaza Strip.

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