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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Israeli Expert: Islamist Turkey ruler Erdogan Can Radicalize Muslims in Bulgaria.

Israeli Expert: Islamist Turkey ruler Erdogan Can Radicalize Muslims in Bulgaria. (Novinite).

Turkish President Recep Erdogan can radicalise Muslims in Bulgaria, warned the Director of the National Security Studies Center at the University of Haifa Dr. Dan Schueftan, reported Darik radio.

Erdogan is a dangerous man and you should consider him an enemy of Bulgaria. I am not saying that you should stop trading with him or boycott him but you should review and think over twice every proposal on the part of Turkey, even if it appears well-intentioned and tempting.
Erdogan is a dangerous megalomaniac who, if you are not careful, will radicalise the Turkish population in Bulgaria. These people are attached to Bulgaria but he can radicalize some of them for his own benefit. At present, this is not a problem but it will become one if you are not careful.”
Dr. Schueftan commented on the migrant crisis as well. According to him, Bulgaria should not give in to pressure and accept a large number of refugees because this will have negative consequences.

If, under pressure from other European countries, you allow a large wave of immigrants, this will be irresponsible in historical terms. No matter what pressure Germany and other West European countries exert, it will be an enormous mistake on your part to accept even one-quarter of the migrants. You must oppose the decision to accept a large number of migrants in Europe as a whole because, at the moment they receive their status from any country, they will be able to come to Bulgaria freely.”

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