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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Islamic Pakistan ranked second-last on gender equality index.

Islamic Pakistan ranked second-last on gender equality index. (ET).

Pakistan has been ranked the second worst country in the world for gender equality for a second year in a row.

The World Economic Forum’s global gender gap ranked Pakistan at a dismal 143 with a 0.556 score. Pakistan ranked just above Yemen among 144 countries, performing way behind India and Bangladesh which ranked at 87 and 72 respectively. War torn Syria performed better than Pakistan with a score of 142.

South Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives and Bhutan secured 100th, 110th, 115th and 121st spots respectively.

In the overall ranking, Iceland took the first spot, followed by Finland and Norway. Interestingly, the United States, with a rank of 45, saw a drop in its rankings owing to decrease on Economic Participation and Opportunity.

In December last year, a UN report said Pakistan ranked 121, better than India and Afghanistan in gender equality.

For those who are interested Islamist 'Dictatorship' Turkey ranked 130 place. In 2006 they were still at the 105 place the Erdogan rule takes it's toll on Gender Equality in Turkey. The number of Women being murdered in Turkey has also risen during Erdogan's rule. Read the full story here.

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