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Friday, September 2, 2016

Video - Turkish journalist in Exile: 'I used to report on refugees now I find myself being one'.

Since the attempted coup in July, the government has ordered more than a hundred news outlets to close including 29 publishing houses, 16 TV channels, three news agencies, 45 newspapers, 23 radio stations and 15 magazines. 48 journalists have so far been arrested.

Abdullah Bozkurt was the Bureau-in Chief for Today's Zaman, an English daily, in Ankara. The newspaper was seized by the government on the 4th of March as part of the escalating crackdown on the free and independent press in Turkey.

Bozkurt was dismissed from his position after the government takeover. He went on to establish his own news service but that too was shut down. Fearing for his life and imprisonment in Turkey, Bozkurt moved to Europe in late July to live in self-exile. He also managed to get his wife and 3 children out of Turkey to join him.

Jacaranda FM News Journalist Slindelo Masikane sat down with Bozkurt, who is currently in South Africa to raise awareness on the issues facing the media in Turkey. Read the full story here.


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