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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Turkey Suspicious About Washington's 'Federalization' Plan in Syria.

Erdoganistan Turkey Suspicious About Washington's 'Federalization' Plan in Syria. (SP).

The US-Turkish alliance is hanging in the balance, Salman Rafi Sheikh, political analyst and expert on Pakistani foreign affairs writes in his article for New Eastern Outlook.

Although Ankara's Euphrates Shield operation was apparently coordinated with Washington, Turkey has repeatedly demonstrated "strategic autonomy" from the US and NATO since stepping in in Syria," the analyst emphasizes.

"While Erdogan's primary concern is Turkey's own security, the definition of security and national interest that he is now following extends beyond the borders and, therefore, requires a re-balancing act between the West and the East. As such, not only is Turkey using the entire scenario to create a strong military wedge against Kurds, but also to redefine its relations with both the US and Russia," Sheikh writes.

In his op-ed for Hurriyet Daily News Turkish journalist Serkan Demirtas expresses concerns regarding the CIA's John Brennan latest remark on Syria's territorial integrity.

"I don't know whether or not Syria and Iraq can be put back together again," Brennan noted, as quoted by the Turkish journalist. "Brennan's words sparked fresh questions about whether Washington was changing its line for redrawing the borders in the Middle East, as many suspect in Ankara, for the creation of a Kurdish autonomous entity in Syria," Demirtas highlights.
"Although US officials have underlined that their policy was to keep both countries united, these statements need to be put into effect through concrete moves in a bid to convince Ankara and other regional capitals," the Turkish journalist stresses, adding that in that context the "Euphrates Shield" operation takes on a new significance after the brokered deal between the US and Russia.

Stanislav Tarasov, Russian expert and head of the Middle East-Caucasus think tank, echoes Demirtas in his interview with Svobodnaya Pressa.

"The situation may… get worse if the US continues to favor Kurds by providing weapons, training and air cover. Were Turkey's 'red-line' be crossed once again, the US-Turkey relations will certainly be at the lowest ebb in recent history, leaving the space wide open for Russia and Iran to step in," Sheikh emphasized. Read the full story here

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