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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Thomas Sowell: Simple-minded immigration: Indiscriminate policies endanger our health, wealth and security.

Thomas Sowell: Simple-minded immigration: Indiscriminate policies endanger our health, wealth and security. (TS).

Why would a country with the world’s largest Jewish population, outside of Israel, admit large numbers of immigrants from countries where hatred of Jews has been taught to their people from earliest childhood?

This question is ultimately not about Muslims and Jews.

It is about discussing immigrants in the abstract, rather than in terms of the specific concrete realities of particular immigrants in particular circumstances at a particular time and place — that time being now.

A hundred years ago, when immigration from other parts of the world was a major issue, there was a government study which provided voluminous statistics on how immigrants from various countries performed in American society — economically, educationally and in terms of social pathology.

Today, it would not be considered right — that is, not politically correct — even to ask such questions about immigrants, especially if immigrants were broken down by country of origin.
Insipid statements about how, “we are all descendants of immigrants” blithely ignore the fact millions of Americans are descendants of legal immigrants who were not allowed into the country until they met medical and other criteria.
Today people flood across the border and are dispersed to various communities around the country by the federal government, without even a notice to local authorities as to what history of diseases, or crimes, these immigrants bring — much less what risks of terrorism.

Such high-handedness is neither incidental nor accidental.

It is part of a much wider pattern, extending beyond immigration, and extending beyond the United States to many countries, where narrow elites imagine themselves so superior to the rest of us that it is both their right and their duty to impose their notions on us.

Many of these elites seem to see themselves as citizens of the world, and to regard national borders as unfortunate relics of the benighted past. Read the full story here.

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