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Friday, September 2, 2016

Khamenei: "Iran Considers WMD as Red line for Its Defense Program"

Khamenei: "Iran Considers WMD as Red line for Its Defense Program". (IFP).

The Leader made the remarks addressing a group of top officials and specialists of Iran’s Ministry of Defence after touring an exhibition of the achievements of Iran’s defence industries on Wednesday, August 31.

“Under conditions when bullying world powers have spread their umbrella of power and no mercy is seen in them and openly attack marriage ceremonies and hospitals on the pretext of fighting against terrorism, killing hundreds of innocent people without being accountable to any [international] organization or institution, [Iran’s] defensive capability and power must be increased so that bullying powers would feel threatened,” Ayatollah Khamenei said.

The Leader added that Iran considers limitations for developing its defense industries and considers building nuclear and chemical weapons prohibited on the basis of its ideological beliefs.

Apart from these limitations, there is no limitation in other fields for increasing our defense and military capability and progress in these fields is a duty,” the Leader said, adding that to preserve the country’s security and future of the nation, “in addition to defensive capability, offensive capability should be also bolstered.” Hmmm.....How about the 'Offensive program?' Read the full story here.

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