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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Attempts to present Syrian opposition as one group is a violation of UN SC resolution — Lavrov.

Attempts to present Syrian opposition as one group is a violation of UN SC resolution — Lavrov. (Tass).

Attempts of sponsors of one of the Syrian opposition groups to paint is as the only representative of the government's opponents in the negotiations process are in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 2254, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Saturday after talks with US State Secretary John Kerry.

"Some countries try to stage provocations and present one of opposition groups as a structure that represents everyone ready to negotiate Syria's future," Lavrov said. "There are even attempts to legalize these structures through invitation to UN Secretariat. We see such sentiments and think that they are in principle a violation of what was agreed in the framework of the International Syria Support Group, of UN Security Council resolution," he added.

"Those countries that watch over this or that opposition structure, should fully understand their responsibility for thinking about Syrian people, their unity, the unity of the Syrian state, instead of not pulling a blanket over themselves and thinking about their own ambitions," the foreign minister noted.

"The soonest start of talks is not the issue that the United States alone can resolve. This is a requirement of the UN Security Council. Resolution 2254 says that talks should be inclusive, with participation of all Syrian sides, in particular groups that were formed at meetings in Moscow, Cairo, Riyadh and other places," he continued.

Lavrov stressed that "UN Security Council’s mandate is very clear." "It should ensure inclusive talks which we hope will resume in Geneva in the nearest future," he concluded. Hmmm.....One must admire Lavrov's resolve, he's a league of it's own.

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