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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

America and Obama’s resentment, The most divisive U.S. president Evah.

America and Obama’s resentment, The most divisive U.S. president Evah. (Aawsat). By AmirTaheri

While all attention is focused on what will happen at the forthcoming presidential election in the United States, the real question may well be: what will happen after the new tenant enters the White House?

The question is not fanciful. For two centuries the US has enjoyed a consensus under which the loser in every election accepts the results and offers to work with the winner for the public good. All those involved in American public life agreed, at least implicitly, that democracy cannot function without compromises that at times may even be humiliating for some.

This time things look different. The Republican nominee Donald Trump has circulated the rumour that unknown hands are at work to rig the election in favour of his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton, hinting that if that did happen his supporters might have recourse to violence.

For her part, Mrs. Clinton’s camp has fed its rumours into the machine, including the claim that Russian President Vladimir Putin may hack US electoral computers to ensure Trump’s victory.

Since the earliest days, all American presidential elections have generated a great deal of verbal violence and bitterness. However, the US has seldom been divided salami-style in accordance with ethnic, religious and ideological “identities.”

The Obama family have done more than their bit to promote the culture of what the French call “ressentiment” (deep seated resentment).  Read the full story here.

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