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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Turkey - 'Man' who raped nine-month-old Syrian refugee arrested in Turkey.

Turkey - 'Man' who raped nine-month-old Syrian refugee arrested in Turkey. (HD).

A man who allegedly raped a nine-month-old Syrian refugee was arrested in the southeastern province of Gaziantep on Aug. 20.

The man, identified by the initials as S.D., was caught after the baby, identified only as E., fell ill, after which doctors determined that she had been sexually assaulted.

The baby was left to S.D. when her family went to work at a farm on Aug. 19, but subsequently took the baby to the İslahiye State Hospital when they realized that she had fallen ill.

The doctors at emergency determined that she had been sexually assaulted and notified the gendarmerie, who later detained S.D., a shepherd at the same farm.

“S.D. was detained shortly after the incident and was arrested. The family and the baby was put under protection by the Family and Social Policies Ministry,” a statement released from Gaziantep Governor’s Office read.

Family and Social Policies Minister Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya commented on the incident that has caused uproar in Turkey.

“An inhuman incident happened. This disgusting incident created indignation in the public and in my conscience,” she wrote on her Twitter account, as she added that psychological support was being given to the family.

“We will follow the case until the end,” she added.

A lawmaker from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) also commented on the incident, saying he wanted S.D. to be executed.

I hope that death penalty will be reintroduced and he will die,” AKP Gaziantep deputy Şamil Tayyar wrote on his Twitter account.

Still, one of the journalists who first broke the story, Hüseyin Şimşek of daily BirGün, faced death threats after reporting on the assault.

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