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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Video - Qatari Professor Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari: Terrorism Is Not a Reaction to Political Injustices.

Video - Qatari Professor Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari: Terrorism Is Not a Reaction to Political Injustices. (Memri).

Commenting on what he called the "culture of hatred," Prof. Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari, former Dean of Islamic Law at Qatar University, called to interpret the Quranic texts "in a progressive, humanistic way" in order to shield the youth from ideological fanaticism and to break away from the "discriminating, fanatic, and racist aspects" of our past. Prof. Al-Ansari, speaking on Sky News Arabia on August 5, said that while terrorism is often described as a reaction to political injustices, "this is not true. It's an illusion. Terrorism is an action, not a reaction."

Islamist Turkey - Man arrested for the murder of Father Santoro freed six years early.

Islamist Turkey - Man arrested for the murder of Father Santoro freed ahead of time. (Fides).

The Turkish 26-year-old Oguzhan Ayudin, who was convicted in 2006 to 18 years and 10 months in prison for having killed Catholic Italian priest Andrea Santoro, was released a few days ago far ahead of the expiry of the prison sentence handed down to him.

According to information reported by the Turkish press, Aydin is one of tens of thousands of prisoners who was prematurely released despite the gravity of their crimes to make space in prisons in a post-coup purge on July 15.

Father Andrea Santoro was killed on February 5, 2006, while he was praying in the church of Trabzon where he carried out his pastoral service.
The murderer, before killing him shouted "Allahu Akbar" ("God is great"). Four days later Aydin, at that time a minor, was arrested and confessed being the author of the murder.
 Right from the beginning, many observers expressed doubts and concerns about the hasty investigations with which "the case had been solved", with the arrest of a fifteen year old, who if convicted, because of his young age, would be sentenced to a lighter sentence than those provided in similar cases for adults. Hmmmm.....So the life of a Catholic priest is worth Ten years in jail in 'Advanced Islamic Dictatorship' Turkey.

Video - The Islamization of Turkish youth.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

German EU commissioner warns Turkey it can forget EU membership while Erdogan in power.

German EU commissioner warns Turkey it can forget EU membership while Erdogan in power. (DM).

Germany's European Commissioner said on Tuesday that Turkey would probably not join the European Union while Tayyip Erdogan was president.

Turkey began talks about joining the European Union in 2005 but has made little progress. The prospect of the mainly Muslim country becoming an EU member worries many countries and relations have become more strained since a failed coup in July.

'It will probably be an issue for the period after Erdogan,' Guenther Oettinger said in an interview with the Bild newspaper.

On Sunday German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said on Sunday he did not see Turkey joining the EU during his own political career, noting that the bloc would not be in a position to accept Turkey even if Ankara met all the entry requirements tomorrow. Hmmm.......Finally they got it. Read the full story here.

Monday, August 29, 2016

New evidence Obama's BFF Iran evaded sanctions, continued nuclear weapons development with Venezuela.

New evidence Obama's BFF Iran evaded sanctions, continued nuclear weapons development with Venezuela.(FPD).

New evidence suggests Iran received help from Venezuela with its nuclear program despite a decade of U.N.-mandated sanctions aimed at curbing the rouge regime’s controversial nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

A 2009 document obtained by Brazil’s leading weekly, Veja magazine, shows late dictator President Hugo Chavez signing off on the release of funds to help Iran with its nuclear ambitions.

Specifically, the document states the funds were to be designated for the import of equipment for a gunpowder factory and the development of production plants for nitroglycerin and nitrocellulose, elements used in rocket propulsion for Iran’s government. There is also the suggestion that Chavez may have helped Iran produce rocket motors.

The document provides written proof that Iran successfully continued with its weapons-building program, circumventing what were perceived as ‘watertight’ sanctions.

In a 2011 hearing at the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee, then head of U.S. Southern command General Douglas Fraser told the committee that the U.S. was concerned about weekly flights between Venezuela and Iran dubbed the “Axis of Evil Express,” that could potentially be used to transport terrorists and weapons. Hmmm........So Why the CIA (Obama Admin) didn't want the EU And IAEA push for clarity on the Iranians their Military research on Nuclear weapons? Read the full story here.

Guess who's Back? Ex-Congressman Weiner 'sexted a brunette while his son, five, was in bed with him'

Guess who's Back? Ex-Congressman Weiner 'sexted a brunette while his son, five, was in bed with him'. (DM).

This is baby-sitting — Anthony Weiner-style.

Anthony Weiner has gone offline after it was revealed that the disgraced politician had been sexting with a woman behind his wife's back - for the third time.

The New York Post has obtained new images the disgraced ex-congressman sent to the mystery women while his wife Huma Abedin toured the country for Hillary Clinton's campaign.

One of them shows the 51-year-old shamed politician wearing white boxer shorts with his only child, five-year-old Jordan Zain Weiner, curled up beside him.

The stay-at-home dad shot the revealing photo while discussing massage parlors “near my old apartment” shortly after 3 a.m. on July 31, 2015, when he sent the snap to the divorced woman, a screen shot of the exchange shows. Hmmm......'Three is a charm'. Read the full story here.

'Islamist' Turkey bans foreign plays in state theaters. No more Shakespeare, Moliere, Gogol and other classics.

'Islamist' Turkey bans foreign plays in state theaters. No more Shakespeare, Moliere, Gogol and other classics.(TM).

Nejat Birecik, director-general of the General Directorate of State Theaters, announced on Sunday that only national plays will be staged this year in order to reinforce the nationalist, conservative and patriotic feelings of the people.

According to reports in Turkish media, State Theaters will open the season with the motto “Turkey’s theaters raise the curtain on Turkish plays.”

It is also reported that along with foreign plays, some Turkish plays will not be staged this year. Therefore, famous Turkish productions of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” “Hamlet,” “Macbeth” and many others will not be seen in state theaters.

Stage actor Orhan Aydın told the news portal on Sunday that the new administration of State Theaters is also trying to dismiss hundreds of actors from the institution since the deputy director-general has prepared a list of names of dissidents working there. Aydın said, “It’s called ‘fascism,’ and Artists Initiative will not bow to it.” Hmmm.....The Culture 'barbarians are really at the gates of Europe'

Quote: "In Islam whatever leads man towards God and goodness is lawful and whatever leads them towards the devil and badness is unlawful." Source: Post-revolutionary Iranian Theatre Related:

Sunday, August 28, 2016

ISIS French-Language Magazine Features death fatwa against French Salafi preacher Rachid Abu Hudeyfa.

ISIS French-Language Magazine Features death fatwa against French Salafi preacher Rachid Abu Hudeyfa. (MemriLabs).

The 10th issue of ISIS’s French-Language magazine Dar Al-Islam, published August 20, 2016, features a 9-page tutorial on “computer security.” The spread is divided into 3 chapters, and features step-by-step instructions on how to send encrypted messages on Android devices. In particular, the encrypted application Chatsecure is mentioned in addition to CSipSimple.

This issue of the magazine also features a fatwa against French Salafi preacher Rachid Abu Hudeyfa.
The fatwa labels Abu Hudeyfa an apostate for calling on Muslims to vote in the French elections, supporting the Moroccan government, and sanctioning man-made law. 
The magazine says Abu Hudeyfa is “wanted dead” and provides a photo of him and his address, as well as a satellite image of his mosque in Brest, France. Hmmm.......“the Revolution devours its children” .

ISIS is encouraging 'Lone wolf' terrorist to use Fireworks & Poison foods .

ISIS is encouraging 'Lone wolf' terrorist to use Fireworks & Poison foods . (TN).[GoogleTranslated].

In a publication of Daech, echoed by Kuwaiti daily "Al Rai", the terrorist organization encourages its "lone wolves" to perpetrate the maximum acts to destabilize the authorities in their country of residence.

Daech Also advocates to cause deats by mixing rat poison in meat, vegetables and wines by those who handle these products.

Similarly, the organization encourages its lone wolves to use fireworks in busy areas to create panic, and multiply false bomb threats, all to blunt the security services of vigilance .

Knowing that in Tunisia, the phenomenon of the use of fireworks is still not suppressed by the authorities to the extent that bombing and even shootings, to go undetected without raising would -what the curiosity of residents, it would be appropriate to take the necessary steps to remedy this situation.

High Commission of Canada to Pakistan shuts down a Canadian-Pakistani anti-Ahmadiyya troll

High Commission of Canada to Pakistan shuts down a Canadian-Pakistani anti-Ahmadiyya troll . (ET).

The High Commission of Canada to Pakistan fired back after receiving a message calling Ahmadis “non-Muslims” on social media.

On 23rd August 2016 the twitter account of the Canadian High Commission shared a picture and wrote: “Acting High Commissioner Stuart Savage delighted to visit Faisal Mosque in Islamabad.”

The picture of the acting High Commissioner was followed by another tweet in which the HC compared the area of Faisal Mosque, Islamabad to that of the Bait-un-Nur Mosque, Calgary. The Bait-un-Nur Mosque covers an area of 4,500 square meters, while Pakistan’s Faisal Mosque cover a whopping 5,000 square meters.

A Canadian-Pakistani responded to the tweet by saying “Qadianis are declared non-Muslims by courts and Muslims. U must respect court judgment?”

The Canadian High Commission answered back saying:

Canada remains concerned by the persecution of the Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan.

The Bait-un-Noor Mosque opened in 2008 and was built by the Ahmadiyya sect of Islam. The sect is practically banned in Pakistan and its followers face severe persecution. Many Ahmadis have sought refugee protection in Canada due to the increasing violence in Pakistan.

'Iran's Ballistic Missile Development Program Not Confined to Any Range': Defense Minister.

'Iran's Ballistic Missile Development Program Not Confined to Any Range': Defense Minister. (Fars).

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan underlined that his country sees no limit for the range of the ballistic missiles that it is developing.

"We don’t have any limit for the range of liquid or solid-fueled ballistic missiles," Dehqan said in a meeting in the Central city of Isfahan on Saturday.

He underlined the indigenous nature of most Iranian weapons and military equipment, and said, "90 percent of the country's defense systems have reached an acceptable standard and enjoy competitive quality compared with the weapons of advanced countries; production of the national individual weapons and efforts to improve the quality and precision-striking power of ballistic missiles are among the defense ministry's achievements in the defense field."

General Dehqan added that Iranian experts have also taken long strides in building satellites, satellite carriers, missile launchpads and research work in defense areas.

His remarks came as the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) fired 2 home-made 'Qadr H' ballistic missiles from the Eastern Alborz Mountains at a target in Iran's Southeastern Makran seashore some 1400km away in March.

The missiles were fired on the sidelines of the main stage of the IRGC drills in Central Iran and various parts of the country.

One missile had a message written on it that said in Hebrew: "Israel should be wiped off the Earth".

Qadr is a 2000km-range, liquid-fuel and ballistic missile which can reach territories as far as Israel.

The missile can carry different types of ‘Blast’ and ‘MRV’ (Multiple Reentry Vehicle) payloads to destroy a range of targets. The new version of Qadr H can be launched from mobile platforms or silos in different positions and can escape missile defense shields due to their radar-evading capability.

Improved warhead designs allow smaller warheads for a given yield, while better electronics and guidance systems allowed greater accuracy. As a result MIRV technology has proven more attractive than MRV for advanced nations. 
Because of the larger amount of nuclear material consumed by MRVs and MIRVs, single warhead missiles are more attractive for nations with less advanced technology. The United States deployed an MRV payload on the Polaris A-3. The Soviet Union deployed MRVs on the SS-9 Mod 4 ICBM. Hmmmm.....Anyone remembering how Iran's BFF North Korea is working on miniaturized nuclear warheads?

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Iranian Ayatollah: The 'Hidden Imam' Will Arrive In A Vessel 'Like A Spaceship'.

Iranian Ayatollah: The 'Hidden Imam' Will Arrive In A Vessel 'Like A Spaceship'. (Memri).

Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi recently answered questions about the arrival of the Mahdi – the Hidden Imam who is the equivalent of the Messiah in Shi'ite Islam. Answering the question "When the Mahdi is revealed, will he arrive with a sword?" he explained at length how the Mahdi's arrival will be high-tech, as befits the modern age.

"It was said by Imam Sadegh [the Sixth Shi'ite Imam, circa. 700–765 C.E.]: 'When our Lord arrives, the land will be illuminated by divine light, and [God's] creations will no longer require sunlight.' The interpretation of this saying is that the issue of light and energy is expressed in that both in daytime and nighttime powerful lights can replace sunlight.

"Should we see this as a miracle? Daily life should be conducted according to the ongoing laws of nature, and not according to miracles – because miracles are extraordinary and are for [times of] need and exceptional circumstances...

"Another hadith states: With regards to [the Mahdi], God elevates low places and lowers high places, so that the entire world is visible to him like the palm of his hand...'

"Today we use satellites [and by means of them] cover extensive areas, so that anyone with a receiver can use them... In the time of the Mahdi's arrival, there will be a powerful apparatus, that may be difficult for us to imagine today, for transmitting images so that the entire world is visible like the palm of a hand. Without worldwide control by an intelligence [apparatus], there can be no unified global regime [as foretold that there will be when the Mahdi arrives], and no peace, security, and decency... Therefore, God grants him this tool... Once again I stress that this is a routine matter, and that it is inconceivable that it will come about based on a miracle; rather [it will come about] by means of ordinary tools that are based on scientific and industrial advances.

"Another hadith states: 'A bestial vessel is reserved for your Lord and Friend [the Mahdi]. What is the meaning of 'bestial vessel'?  A cloud that is loud as thunder and fast as lightning, upon which he rides. Be aware that soon he will [appear] riding on clouds, and ascending to seven heavens and seven lands.' This does not refer to an ordinary cloud, as clouds are not vessels that can be sailed upon in outer space. [Clouds] travel near the atmosphere that is close to the earth, and they cannot attain great altitudes. Therefore, the meaning here is an extraordinary and very swift vessel that looks like a dense cloud in the sky; its sound is that of thunder and its power and speed is that of lightning. When it moves, it slashes the heart of the sky with extraordinary force, and in this way it can advance to any point in the firmament. Therefore, this is a super-modern vessel, and there is none like it today. It is like a spaceship and like other swift and amazing space vessels that are found [only] in stories today, but nobody knows how close [these vessels] come to truth and reality. Maybe it will be like [a spaceship] but in any case it is not a spaceship…

"When the Mahdi rules, the pure will have the height of freedom, and the criminals will be monitored – maybe so much so that sound waves will be detected from the walls of their houses, and when necessary it will be possible to understand what they say at home.

"Perhaps a century ago, this statement [about detecting sound waves] would have seemed like an unimaginable miracle. Yet today, some countries monitor traffic on the roads using radar, with no police present. Therefore, it is clear that during the global revolution of the Mahdi... there will be an unprecedented expansion of industry and technology."

King of Morocco Mohammed VI: 'Can Anyone of Sound Mind Believe that the Reward for Jihad Could Be Some Virgins in Paradise?'

King of Morocco Mohammed VI: 'Can Anyone of Sound Mind Believe that the Reward for Jihad Could Be Some Virgins in Paradise?' HT: MEMRI.

"Islam is a religion of peace. Allah said: 'Oh you who believe, enter Islam one and all.' Jihad in Islam is subject to specific conditions, including the condition that it must not be waged unless for the purpose of defense, and may never be waged for the purpose of killing or aggression. It is prohibited to kill people under the pretext of waging Jihad. Another condition of Jihad is that it must be declared by the Emir of the Believers - not by any individual or group. People who call for killing and aggression, who unjustly accuse people of heresy, and who interpret the Quran and the Sunna in a manner befitting their goals are attributing lies to Allah and His Messenger. This is the true heresy.

"They are exploiting some Muslim youth, especially in Europe. They are exploiting their ignorance of the Arabic language and of true Islam, in order to convey their erroneous messages and misleading promises. Can anyone of sound mind believe that the reward for Jihad could be some virgins in Paradise? Is it conceivable that anyone who listens to music will be swallowed by the Earth? And there are similar lies. The terrorists and extremists are using all possible means to persuade the youth to join them, and to strike at societies that bask in the values of liberty, openness, and tolerance.

Iraq plans to sell oil through Iran if talks with autonomous Kurdish region fail.

Iraq plans to sell oil through Iran if talks with autonomous Kurdish region fail.  (Taz).

Iraq's government would consider selling crude through Iran should talks with the autonomous Kurdish region on an oil revenue-sharing agreement fail, a senior oil ministry official in Baghdad told Reuters.

Iraq's State Oil Marketing Organisation (SOMO) plans to hold talks with the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG), possibly next week, about Iraqi oil exported through Turkey, Deputy Oil Minister Fayadh al-Nema said in an interview on Friday evening.

"If the negotiations come to a close" without an agreement "we will start to find a way in order to sell our oil because we need money, either to Iran or other countries", he said by telephone.

Iraq, OPEC's second-largest producer after Saudi Arabia, depends on oil sales for 95 percent of its public income. Its economy is reeling under the double impact of low oil prices and the war against Islamic State militants.

The Kurdistan region produces around 500,000 barrels per day (bpd) on its territory and exports those volumes via Turkey. Baghdad would not be able to reroute those volumes to Iran but could order shipments of some 150,000 bpd via Iran that are being produced in the nearby province of Kirkuk.

An agreement between Iran and Iraq could function in a similar fashion as oil-swap deals Tehran has had with Caspian Sea nations, according to an oil official who asked not to be identified.

Iran would import Iraqi oil to its refineries and export an equivalent amount of its own crude on behalf of Baghdad from Iranian ports on the Gulf. Iraq has ports on the Gulf but they are not linked to the northern Kirkuk fields by pipeline.

Iraq's state-run North Oil Company resumed pumping crude through the Kurdish-controlled pipeline to Turkey last week as "a sign of goodwill to invite them (the Kurds) to start negotiations," Nema said.

He said pumping had resumed on the instruction of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi following "some understanding" between Baghdad and Erbil. Abadi said on Tuesday the decision had been made to avoid damage to reservoirs.

The flow of crude extracted from Kirkuk by North Oil and pumped in the pipeline has been running at about 75,000 bpd since last week, or half the rate before it was halted in March, Nema said.

Should there be an agreement with the Kurds, flow through the pipeline would be increased to more than 100,000 bpd, not to the previous level of 150,000 bpd, he added.

Nema said about 20,000 bpd would be supplied to the refinery of Suleimaniya, in the Kurdish region, and 30,000 bpd would be refined locally in Kirkuk.

A KRG spokesman in June told Reuters the Kurds are ready to strike an agreement with Baghdad if it guarantees them monthly revenue of $1 billion, more than double what they make currently from selling their own oil.

The dispute revolves around Kurdish oil exports that Baghdad wants to bring under its control.

"If Baghdad comes and says 'OK, give me all the oil that you have and I'll give you the 17 percent as per the budget', which equals to 1 billion, I think, logically it should be the thing to accept," KRG spokesman Safeen Dizayee said in June.

"Whether this oil goes to the international market or first to Baghdad and then to the market, it doesn't make any difference," he added. "We are ready to enter dialogue with Baghdad." Read the full story here.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Military Intel Confirms JW Reporting: 'Muslim Terrorists are Entering U.S. Via Mexico'.

Military Intel Confirms JW Reporting: 'Muslim Terrorists are Entering U.S. Via Mexico'. HT: JudicialWatch.

Corroborating what Judicial Watch uncovered years ago, a U.S. military intelligence report discloses that Muslim terrorists are being smuggled into the country through Mexico. The government calls them Special Interest Aliens (SIA) and Latin American smuggling networks are helping them cross the border, according to information obtained from a U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) Intelligence dispatch.

Located in Miami, Florida SOUTHCOM is one of nine unified combat commands in the Department of Defense (DOD). It’s responsible for providing contingency planning operations and security cooperation in Central and South America as well as the Caribbean. The internal assessment on SIA smuggling has not been made public, but a conservative Washington D.C. online newspaper obtained key points from the command’s J-2 intelligence directorate.
A SOUTHCOM Army colonel told the paper that in 2015 more than 30,000 migrants who entered the U.S. through the southwestern border were from countries of “terrorist concern.”

The new SOUTHCOM report specifically mentions Sunni extremists, the news article states.

“Networks that specialize in smuggling individuals from regions of terrorist concern, mainly from the Afghanistan-Pakistan region, the Middle East, and East Africa, are indeed a concern for SOUTHCOM and other interagency security partners who support our country’s national security,” a SOUTHCOM Army Colonel, Lisa A. Garcia, says in the story. “There are major hubs that serve as entry points into the region for migrants from those areas of concern attempting to enter the U.S. along our border with Mexico.” Read the full story here.

Muslim Brotherhood members converting to ISIS in large numbers inside Egyptian jails.

Muslim Brotherhood members converting to ISIS in large numbers inside Egyptian jails. (NPR).

In the name of fighting terrorism, authorities in Egypt are jailing people for offenses as small as a Facebook post or being at a protest.

Deen, a 47-year-old father and freelance journalist who runs a consulting business, spent five months in a maximum security prison. He was never charged and was finally released in March. What he saw inside scared him: young men, many who hadn't committed crimes, became hardened radicals over the course of their confinement.

"In jail, they become ISIS," he says. "And this is very horrible. Many people — not one or two or three, many."

Many of those whom Deen knew in jail were supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, a party forced out of power in a coup and then outlawed. They were imprisoned by the thousands.

"And I saw even members of Muslim [Brotherhood] become ISIS now," Deen says. "Some of them spent three years now without any real accusation in this very hard condition — so they become thinking that violence is the solution."

Today he sleeps on the floor, with no mattress, in a cell with 10 other people. He told me that ISIS members imprisoned with him try to recruit him frequently. He says there are more than 100 ISIS members inside, and they openly sing Islamic State chants together at night. They bring him food. They talk to him about his father, who was killed in 2013 along with nearly 1,000 others, when the government crushed two sit-ins in Cairo.

They tell him he should take revenge.

When he refuses, he says, they threaten him and call him an unbeliever. He's afraid of them.

"I'm stuck in a circle," he says. "The Egyptian government from one side and ISIS on the other." Read the full story here.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Burkini - 'To cover up or Not to cover up?' Vit D deficiency in covered up individuals higher than uncovered.

Burkini - 'To cover up or Not to cover up?' Vit D deficiency in covered up individuals higher than uncovered. (MFS).

As a Canadian i remember the hype a number of years ago about Canadians having low levels of Vit D in our system.

According to Stats Canada:

Vitamin D plays an important role in bone growth and maintenance because it helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorus.1,2
In children, low levels of vitamin D can cause rickets, a condition characterized by soft bones and skeletal deformities. 
In adults, low levels of vitamin D can lead to osteoporosis (decreased bone mass) which is especially true for women, which also increases the risk of fractures. 
Some research suggests that adequate vitamin D may have benefits, such as lowering the risk of breast and colorectal cancer3,4, cardiovascular disease in men5, and multiple sclerosis. However, the research supporting the benefits of vitamin D, other than for bone health, is still inconclusive.

Vitamin D is unique because it can be made by the body through exposure to sunlight while most vitamins need to be ingested. That is why it is commonly known as the 'sunshine vitamin.' The body's ability to produce vitamin D is affected by factors such as latitude (distance from the sun), season, time of day, cloud cover, smog, clothing coverage, and sunscreen use.

Skin pigmentation is also linked to vitamin D levels. Melanin in the skin evolved as an effective natural sunscreen. Those with darker skin pigment, or more melanin, have more difficulty producing vitamin D from the sun.

The body's ability to produce vitamin D from the sun also declines with age. For example, a person aged 70 makes, on average, 25% of the vitamin D that a 20-year-old makes when exposed to the same amount of sunlight.

The most comprehensive survey ever undertaken on vitamin D in Canadians has found widespread deficiencies of the sunshine vitamin, which is being promoted for everything from the prevention of cancer to reducing heart attack risk.

The survey, conducted by Statistics Canada, found that two-thirds of the population has vitamin D levels below the amounts research is associating with reduced risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, while one in 10, or more than three million people, have such low readings that they don’t have enough for good bone health. About 4 per cent have so little that they’re at risk for rickets, a debilitating childhood bone disease.

Statscan also found a huge vitamin D disparity among Canadians based on racial origin, with whites having substantially higher concentrations than the prevailing levels in the country’s growing non-white population. Whites had an average of nearly 40 per cent more of the nutrient than non-whites.

It termed low levels of the vitamin a “worldwide problem,” and said most Canadians don’t have concentrations at “the level proposed for optimal health.”

2. So is covering up with a Burkini a wise idea? 

Scientific study in Turkey: Clothing preference affects vitamin D status of young women.

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with several chronic diseases, which include cardiovascular, autoimmune diseases, and cancer.

Several factors such as exposure to sunlight, skin color, dietary habits, and cultural factors affect serum vitamin D levels.

We hypothesized that serum vitamin D levels in young women are associated with clothing styles and investigated this via a cross-sectional study that included 100 female students at Istanbul Medipol University.

Our study used a questionnaire in order to collect demographic information. Serum calcium, 25-hydroxyvitamin D, alkaline phosphatase, and parathyroid hormone levels were determined via standard laboratory tests. We deployed bioelectrical impedance analysis to measure body composition, and we then determined the body mass index (BMI), waist circumference, and total body fat values. The mean age was 20.9 ± 2.1 years.

Subjects' data were divided into 2 groups based on their clothing styles: covered (Muslim style clothing) and uncovered.
Muslim style clothing, which covers the whole body but leaves the face and hands exposed, was worn by 40.0% of the undergraduate students. 
The mean BMI (in kilograms per meter squared) of the subjects was 23.0 ± 3.6. The BMI value for the covered students was 24.0 ± 4.0, and that for the uncovered students was 22.3 ± 3.1. Of the subjects, 28.0% had a BMI of at least 25 kg/m(2) (overweight). Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D (in nanograms per milliliter), parathyroid hormone (in picograms per milliliter), alkaline phosphatase (in units per liter), and calcium levels (in milligrams per deciliter) were 21.1 ± 6.7, 27.5 ± 9.2, 65.9 ± 10.9, and 9.0 ± 0.2 for covered students, respectively, and 29.7 ± 3.1, 24.3 ± 6.1, 62.8 ± 13.2, and 9.0 ± 0.4, respectively, for uncovered students. 
The prevalence of vitamin D deficiencies was 55.0% for covered and 20.0% for uncovered students. 
The vitamin D status was found to be statistically significant and had a negative correlation with the duration of Islamic dressing (P < .05, r = -0.334). 
We concluded that the vitamin D levels of young women are associated with clothing style, and the age at which a female begins wearing Muslim style clothing is related.

Hmmmm........So ladies go ahead coverup but don't complain about Osteoporosis, Cancer, Cardio vascular problems....etc, the choice is yours! 

Manpads obtained by Islamist terrorists: 'No one knows when and where these weapons will be used next, either.' Lavrov.

Lavrov on Manpads in the possession of Islamist terrorists: 'No one knows when and where these weapons will be used next, either.'(Mid.Ru) .

Question: Can you comment on the regular media reports about modern weapons making it into the hands of terrorist groups in the Middle East and North Africa?

Sergey Lavrov: Apparently, our Western colleagues have yet to fully realise the implications of their recent military operations in the Middle East and Africa. They believed they would destroy the Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi regimes, and that democracy would instantly prevail in Iraq and Libya. Instead, these nations are now torn by chaos. Abandoned military depots and arsenals were looted. All weapons, including MANPADS, and hundreds of tonnes of ammunition, went missing. Now, those countries are shattered by fratricidal wars with no end in sight. Unfortunately, this situation was quite predictable, and the President repeatedly warned about it.

In Libya alone, at least 500 Strela and Igla MANPADS went missing. The first bell rang in Mali, where, in 2012, militants shot down a government Mig-21 using a MANPAD. No one knows which terrorist groups may have got their hands on these weapons, which are most dangerous for civil aviation.
Is it ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra, or Al-Qaeda? No one knows when and where these weapons will be used next, either. It’s unlikely that anyone in Iraq, with hundreds of thousands of casualties and millions now living in a country torn by civil war, experienced any relief from learning that the British have found out that then Prime Minister Tony Blair actually deceived the parliament by pushing through a resolution to have the British Army participate in the invasion of Iraq alongside the United States.
Of course, the consequences could have been even more devastating, if three years ago Russia had failed to prevent the US attack on Syria, having persuaded al-Assad to get rid of Syria’s chemical weapons. Even the thought of who may have ended up with MANPADS and other conventional weapons, as well as stocks of these weapons of mass destruction, is dreadful.

Erdogan ally newspaper calls US VP Biden 'Higher Mind', implicating US behind coup, depicting him with yarmulke.

Erdogan ally newspaper calls US VP Biden 'Higher Mind', implicating US behind coup, depicting him with yarmulke. (Bloomberg).

From the minute he stepped off the plane on Wednesday, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s trip to Turkey seemed ill-fated.

Intended to smooth relations frayed by last month’s botched coup, Biden’s visit instead showcased acrimony with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Turkey sent low-ranking officials -- including Ankara’s deputy mayor -- to greet Biden at the airport. And even before the vice president’s visit ended, the Daily Sabah, a pro-Erdogan newspaper, declared that "Biden wasted a trip, Turkey wasted time."

The Daily Sabah the day before Quote: "Turkey will have to suspend its relations with the U.S. "

Biden -- the highest-ranking U.S. official to visit Turkey since the coup -- was apologetic and conciliatory during his joint news conference with Erdogan. As the vice president spoke, the Turkish leader sat back in his chair, stone-faced.

Biden repeatedly offered condolences for the coup, sounding a different note than his boss, President Barack Obama, who chastised Turkish officials in July for spreading rumors that the U.S. was responsible. Biden called the coup’s perpetrators "terrorists," reflecting Erdogan’s language, and said, "I wish I could have been here earlier."
"I want to make it unmistakably clear that the United States stands with our ally, Turkey,” Biden said. "Our support is absolute and it is unwavering."

After Biden’s remarks, Erdogan called the relationship with the U.S. "a model partnership" but then accused Gulen of operating a global terrorist network from Pennsylvania and demanded that the U.S. immediately detain the preacher, in part to prevent him from being interviewed by journalists.
At that, Biden put his face in his hands. His frustration showed through as he tried to explain the U.S. justice system and the Constitution’s separation of powers to his Turkish audience.
"The Constitution and our laws require for someone to be extradited that a court of the United States has to conclude there’s probable cause to extradite," Biden said, explaining that the judicial branch is co-equal with Congress and the president. "How long it will take will depend on what evidence is presented. Thus far, until yesterday, there has been no evidence presented about the coup."
"God willing, there will be enough data and evidence to meet the criteria that you all believe exists," Biden said later. Hmmm......Islamist Turkey is a cancer growing insadide NATO's womb, it's time to remove it. Read the full story here.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Projecting the spread of Zika virus in the Americas.

Projecting the spread of Zika virus in the Americas: Three scenarios. (ZikaModel). HT: Crof.

Zika Model displays a map of the Americas (the US is not yet active on it), and when you click on a country you get a range of estimates for the number of possible cases of both Zika and microcephaly. 
The "reference scenario" assumes both Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus are competent vectors, and offers mid-range estimates based on the literature. The "aegypti scenario" assumes only Ae. aegypti is a competent vectors and again offers mid-range estimates. The "sensitivity analysis" scenario assumes both species are competent vectors and explores "the longest and shortest serial interval allowed by the range of parameters reported in the literature."
Click on Haiti, for example, and you find that the reference scenario projects a Zika attack rate of 46.8% by the end of 2016. Microcephaly cases by then could range from 294 to 1,399.
The site still doesn't include Cuba or the US, but I expect it will get a great deal of traffic when it does. In the meantime, I'm putting a permanent link to it in the Chikungunya, Dengue, Zika Resources list.
"Projections of Zika virus local transmission in the Continental US"

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Elderly Indian couple from lowest caste hacked to death over 22-cent outstanding grocery debt.

Elderly Indian couple from lowest caste hacked to death over 22-cent outstanding grocery debt. (ET).

NEW DELHI: An axe-wielding shopkeeper hacked a couple to death in northern India on Thursday after they failed to pay a debt of 22 US cents, police said.

The middle-aged couple from the lowest Dalit caste in Uttar Pradesh state were on their way to work early on Thursday when the grocery store owner asked them to pay their 15-rupee (22-cent) debt.

“The shopkeeper demanded money but they pleaded to be able to pay it later. He became enraged and attacked them with an axe,” Arun Kumar, the investigating officer in Mainpuri district, told AFP.

The officer said the couple had bought goods from the shop last week with a promise to pay the 60-year-old owner within a few days. “Their refusal to pay made him angry and he killed them,” Kumar said.

The owner was arrested soon after the incident and the murder weapon recovered, the officer said. Hundreds of people are murdered in India each year over sudden provocations, often trivialities.

In 2014, almost 15 per cent of the murders in New Delhi were unmotivated, according to police, and were mostly committed by non-criminals acting in a fit of rage.

More than 33,000 people were murdered in India in 2014, according to latest figures released by national criminal records bureau.

Video - Iranian Def Min Dehghan Criticizes Russia for Reporting Its Use of Iranian Airbase for Strikes in Syria: It Was Inappropriate.

Abubakar Shekau Gravely Wounded, Other Boko Haram Commanders Killed, Nigerian Army Claims.

Abubakar Shekau Gravely Wounded, Other Boko Haram Commanders Killed, Nigerian Army Claims. (Saharareporters).

The Nigerian Army has claimed that Abubakar Shekau, a factional leader of Islamist insurgent group, Boko Haram, was “fatally wounded” in an air attack carried out by the Nigerian Air Force.

In a statement released late yesterday, Army spokesman, Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman, said Mr. Shekau was wounded in an “unprecedented and spectacular air raid,” adding, “some key leaders of the Boko Haram terrorists have been killed while others were fatally wounded.”

“The air raid took place last week Friday 19th August 2016, while the terrorists were performing Friday rituals at Taye village, Gombale general area within Sambisa forest, Borno State,” Colonel Usman stated.

He added that the confirmed casualties among the Boko Haram commanders included Abubakar Mubi, Malam Nuhu and Malam Hamman.

The military spokesman added that the Islamist group’s “leader, [the] so-called ‘Abubakar Shekau,’ is believed to be fatally wounded on his shoulders.”

SaharaReporters was unable to reach Colonel Usman to clarify what he meant by “fatally wounded,” since the phrase is confusing.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Video - Erdogan's son Bilal grinning while his father comments on Gaziantep suicide attack.

Video - 'Pres Obama has forsaken the african american community'

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The war on Christianity - Congo - At least 36 people killed & Decapitated by Islamist terrorist group ADF-NALU.

Congo - At least 36 people killed, hacked to death by Islamist terrorist group ADF-NALU. (WorldWatchMonitor).

A relatively unknown militant group has intensified attacks in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), raising fears of the emergence of a new jihadist organisation in central Africa.
For years now, one of various rebel groups operating there, the Islamist Allied Democratic Forces-National Association for the Liberation of Uganda (ADF-NALU), has been trying to uproot Christians from the north-east area of DRC through attacks, rape, looting, kidnap and murder - on an almost weekly basis.
At least 36 people were killed in the latest attack on Saturday night (13 Aug.) in the village of Rwangoma, near Beni, the major town in the region. 

This was the deadliest attack in the area since November 2014; victims were tied up and hacked to death. The executive director at the Centre of Study for the Promotion of Peace, Democracy and Human Rights (that documents violence in North Kivu), Omar Kavota, told Reuters he had received reports of as many as 50 dead.

ADF-NALU, originally rooted in a rebel movement to overthrow Uganda’s government and replace it with an Islamist fundamentalist state, but forced to re-locate over the border into DRC, has been murdering local people, far from the attention of most of the world’s major media. While the National Association militants ostensibly ‘ended’ their fight in 2007, local bishops and civil society have repeatedly denounced the resurgence of violence still carried out in the name of ADF-NALU.

World Watch Monitor has tried to get more detail about Saturday‘s attacks, but a local source explained that many have fled, internet cafes are closed and so it is difficult to ascertain more about the victims at this time.

However, below, an aid worker for Open Doors International (ODI), who wishes to remain anonymous, describes a recent visit to North Kivu (before this latest attack). ODI supports Christians under pressure for their faith around the world.

Report from North Kivu.

As soon as we set foot in North Kivu province, in the north-east of the DRC, we are confronted with signs of the misery ADF attacks are causing for the mostly Christian inhabitants of the province. Read the full story here.

Hmmm.....Pope Francis: "“If I speak of Islamic violence, I have to speak of Catholic violence. Not all Muslims are violent.” ....when was the last time Christians attacked a village?

Video - Palestinian Sheikh - Islamic Strategy Dictates Hostility towards Infidels, Tolerance Is Un-Islamic.

Palestinian Cleric Issam Amira at Al-Aqsa Mosque In a Ramadhan address delivered at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Palestinian cleric Sheikh Issam Amira said that "friendship and tolerance toward infidels are unacceptable" and complained that "the word 'hostility' is all but absent from the Muslims' political vocabulary today." Insisting upon use of the word "infidel" and saying that "the strategy in Islam is hostility toward non-Muslims," Sheikh Amira asked: "What kind of tolerance is possible with these people?" The address was delivered on *June 18* and was posted two days later on a YouTube page dedicated to Al-Aqsa Mosque lectures.

Iranian Def Min: 'Iran Plans to Build Supersonic Anti-Ship Cruise Missiles Soon'.

Iran Unveils Home-Made Bavar 373 Air Defense System

Iranian Def Min: 'Iran Plans to Build Supersonic Anti-Ship Cruise Missiles Soon'. (Fars).

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan announced the country's plan to produce supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles in the near future.

"We have been able to increase the missiles' speed and God willing, we will build supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles in the near future," General Dehqan said, addressing a ceremony to unveil Iran's first turbojet engine in Tehran on Sunday.

Stressing that Iranian experts have taken long strides to develop cruise missiles, he said that the country has doubled or tripled the range of its missiles, mounted state-of-the-art guiding systems on them and increased their precision-striking power.

Lieutenant Commander of the Iranian Navy Rear Admiral Gholam Reza Khadem Biqam announced in May that Iran is moving ahead with a large scale navy modernization program for wider presence in the high seas.

Speaking to FNA in the Northern city of Rasht at the time, Khadem Biqam said the new warships will be self-sufficient, bigger and equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology.

Iran plans to improve its naval resources in order to have a bigger presence in international waters,” he added.

Earlier, in November 2015, Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari announced that the country's submarines have been equipped with the capability to fire home-made long-range Qadir cruise missiles.

"The missiles that we are using today are good and proper missiles to fulfill different missions, including coast-to-sea or surface-to-surface missions, or to be fired from a vessel or by submarines," Sayyari said, addressing a ceremony to mark delivery of a large number of high-precision and long-range Qadir cruise missiles from the defense ministry to the Navy.

Last year, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) launched the production line of 'Qadir' cruise missiles in a ceremony participated by General Dehqan and other high-ranking Iranian commanders.

Related: The long awaited Karar unveiled

Turkey - 'Man' who raped nine-month-old Syrian refugee arrested in Turkey.

Turkey - 'Man' who raped nine-month-old Syrian refugee arrested in Turkey. (HD).

A man who allegedly raped a nine-month-old Syrian refugee was arrested in the southeastern province of Gaziantep on Aug. 20.

The man, identified by the initials as S.D., was caught after the baby, identified only as E., fell ill, after which doctors determined that she had been sexually assaulted.

The baby was left to S.D. when her family went to work at a farm on Aug. 19, but subsequently took the baby to the İslahiye State Hospital when they realized that she had fallen ill.

The doctors at emergency determined that she had been sexually assaulted and notified the gendarmerie, who later detained S.D., a shepherd at the same farm.

“S.D. was detained shortly after the incident and was arrested. The family and the baby was put under protection by the Family and Social Policies Ministry,” a statement released from Gaziantep Governor’s Office read.

Family and Social Policies Minister Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya commented on the incident that has caused uproar in Turkey.

“An inhuman incident happened. This disgusting incident created indignation in the public and in my conscience,” she wrote on her Twitter account, as she added that psychological support was being given to the family.

“We will follow the case until the end,” she added.

A lawmaker from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) also commented on the incident, saying he wanted S.D. to be executed.

I hope that death penalty will be reintroduced and he will die,” AKP Gaziantep deputy Şamil Tayyar wrote on his Twitter account.

Still, one of the journalists who first broke the story, Hüseyin Şimşek of daily BirGün, faced death threats after reporting on the assault.

Report: Turkey's 'Stasi' apparatus menacing 'German Turks'.

Report: Turkey's 'Stasi' apparatus menacing 'German Turks'. (DW).

The Sunday edition of "Die Welt" said Bundestag intelligence oversight committee members were demanding answers from Chancellor Angela Merkel's government on MIT activities in Germany in the wake of Turkey's failed 15 July coup.

Ankara had 6,000 informants of its Milli Istihbarat Teskilati (MIT) national intelligence agency in Germany who were putting pressure on "German Turks," the newspaper claimed.

Some 3.7 million of Germany's 81-million population are either German nationals of Turkish origin or Turks who reside long-term in the Federal Republic. Their diverse organizations are planning or have staged rallies, including one in support of strongman Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan .

Veteran opposition Greens parliamentarian Hans-Christian Ströbele told the "Die Welt am Sonntag" that there was an "unbelievable" level of "secret activities" in Germany by Turkey's MIT agency, which in English calls itself the National Intelligence Organization.

 "Welt am Sonntag" quoted an unnamed "security politician" as saying that the MIT had at its disposition a "large number" of regular agents in Germany, as well as a network of 6,000 informants - far more than previously known.

That meant one MIT informant for every 500 citizens of Turkish origin, according to the unnamed politician quoted by the newspaper.

German intelligence service expert observer Erich Schmidt-Eenboom said MIT's surveillance reach in post-reunification Germany was "enormous."

"For many Turks national pride is so strongly pronounced that they regard it as an honor to be allowed to work for MIT," he said.

Not even the former communist East German Stasi secret police had managed to run such a large "army of agents" in the former West Germany, Schmidt-Eenboom said.

"Here, it's not just about intelligence gathering, but increasingly about intelligence service repression," he said, adding that Germany should not allow such behavior by a NATO partner. Hmmmm.....Intelligence gathering or......Fifth Column of a hostile state? Read the full story here.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Bulgarian Interior Ministry chief: profile of migrants crossing illegally into Bulgaria has changed to ‘Aggressive’ migrants.

Bulgarian Interior Ministry chief: profile of migrants crossing illegally into Bulgaria has changed to ‘Aggressive’ migrants. (SofiaGlobe).

The profile of migrants crossing illegally into Bulgaria has changed, to men who are “aggressive”, the country’s Interior Ministry chief secretary Georgi Kostov said on August 19.

Kostov was speaking in the town of Malko Turnovo, at the Turkish border, after holding a meeting with local officials in the town about migration situation and additional security measures in Bulgaria’s border regions.

The profile of migrants was shifting from people fleeing war to people who come from countries where there is no war, Kostov said.

He called on residents of the area not to attempt to intercept migrants.

Bulgaria made headlines abroad when self-styled “civil patrols” illegally detained migrants in what they described as “citizens’ arrests”. A particularly notorious case, in which migrants were bound with plastic pigtails, led Bulgarian authorities to issue a reminder that the concept of a “citizen’s arrest” does not exist in Bulgarian law.

Regarding aggressive behaviour, he cited an incident on August 18 in a State Agency for Refugees accommodation centre in the town of Karlovo, in which Afghans got involved in a knife fight. One of the Afghans remains in critical condition.

People who see migrants should alert the Border Police and should not attempt to take matters into their own hands, Kostov said.

He said that in the past day, there had been attempts by 130 people to cross the border from Turkey illegally. All had been intercepted.

Kostov said that already there were 85 staff from EU border agency Frontex to assist Border Police and the military at the Bulgarian-Turkish border.

He said that it would be unfair towards Bulgaria’s European partners not to further tighten the country’s border control. Bulgaria’s borders were traditionally perceived by its European partners as extremely secure and now was the time to reinforce this opinion, Kostov said.

Malko Turnovo mayor Ivan Yanchev said that no one in his municipality had been caught smuggling or people trafficking: “Malko Turnovo people are people with dignity,” Yanchev said.

Video - Turkish Islamist chase & attack Asian tourists in Turkey's Gaziantep, calling them 'infidels' 'Christian missionaries'

Video - Turkish Islamist chase & attack Asian tourists in Turkey's Gaziantep, calling them 'infidels' 'Christian missionaries'. HT :abdbozkurt

Cologne Authorities Cancel Kurdish Cultural Festival Over possible clashes with 'loyal' Turks.

Cologne Authorities Cancel Kurdish Cultural Festival Over possible clashes with 'loyal' Turks. (Sputnik).

The 24th edition of the Kurdish festival was scheduled for September 3. It was being negotiated with local sports authorities and would take place at the Rhein Energie Stadium.

"I advised Koelner Sportstaetten GmbH [stadium manager] against signing the agreement. During today’s security talks, the firm’s representatives said they had followed the advice and broke off negotiations with the organizer," Cologne police chief Juergen Mathies said in a statement.

Mathies said he had been following closely events inside Germany and abroad since last month. Tensions flared up in Turkey following the July 15 coup attempt and ensuing crackdown as well as its recent attacks on Kurdish militias.

The president of the Cologne police said they feared that the events in Turkey could spill over into Germany, which has a significant Turkish population, and lead to clashes between Turks and Kurdish revelers. Hmmm......So 'Herrenvolk' Turkey wins. 

Been There - History never repeats itself....but it often rhymes.

Been There - History never repeats itself....but it often rhymes. By rabbipruzansky. HT CarlInJerusalem.

Imagine for a moment a US presidential election between two candidates, neither of whom is particularly beloved to the populace. One candidate is an undistinguished former Senator and lackluster Secretary of State who had few if any accomplishments in office but is breaking a social barrier by running for the presidency, and the other is a wealthy businessman with dictatorial tendencies and a populist streak and inspires devotion in his followers and fear and loathing in his adversaries. Even members of his own extended family support his opponent. Imagine also that exactly four years after one of these individuals is elected – after four years in office of abject failure, with simmering problems and no solutions – that utter catastrophe befalls the nation.
We need not let our imagination run that wild because such was the fateful election of 1856 that pitted James Buchanan against John C. Fremont. Buchanan, a Democrat, had served without distinction in the House and Senate, and as Secretary of State under President Polk.

Democrats accused Fremont of being unfit for the presidency and claimed that he would surely provoke a civil war. In the end , of course, it was Buchanan who won and whose failures as president made the Civil War, the bloodiest in American history, inevitable. The election was closer than it seemed.  Buchanan won 45% of the vote to Fremont’s 33%, but the anti-immigrant Fillmore earned a startling 22% of the vote as the third-party candidate.

 Is past prologue? There has never been an election in American history as the one we are enduring this year, in which both major candidates are despised and distrusted by large majorities of the populace – the crank versus the crook. It is fair to say that this is the first election in which few, if any, supporters can make a plausible argument for the candidacy of their favorite, and must suffice with the contention that the other candidate is simply awful and whose election will be catastrophic. And perhaps everyone is correct.

Welcome to the election of 2016, whose analogies to an election 160 years ago should not be ignored. Somewhere, Buchanan, Fremont and Fillmore are smiling. Or, maybe, given the outcome of their election process and the horrendous war that broke out several years later, they too are crying. Read the full story here.

Related:  Black Lives Matter cashes in with $100 million from liberal foundations. (Watimes)

The Ford Foundation and Borealis Philanthropy recently announced the formation of the Black-Led Movement Fund [BLMF], a six-year pooled donor campaign aimed at raising $100 million for the Movement for Black Lives coalition.

That funding comes in addition to more than $33 million in grants to the Black Lives Matter movement from top Democratic Party donor George Soros through his Open Society Foundations, as well as grant-making from the Center for American Progress.

It’s about time people woke up to the fact that big money is using people as pawns to stoke racial hatred and further their global agenda,” said the Federalist Papers Project’s C.E. Dyer. Read the full story here.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

In Islamist Turkey, Syrian children sew in sweatshops to survive, while killing EU manufacturing.

In Islamist Turkey, Syrian children sew in sweatshops to survive, while killing EU manufacturing. (Reuters).

To stem the flow of migrants to Europe, Turkey agreed to house and protect those Europe ejects. But Ankara is proving unable to protect all its Syrian refugee children. Many work illegally, including in the $40 billion textiles industry.

Over a few days in April and May, Reuters met 13 Syrian children in three Turkish cities who said they have jobs making clothes or shoes, even though Turkey bans children under 15 from working. Another four who were older than 15 said they worked up to 15 hours a day, six days a week, despite a law that says those up to 17 can only work 40 hours weekly. Dozens more children who were working were unwilling to talk.

In March, Brussels and Ankara agreed a deal that allows Europe to send back to Turkey migrants who came through the country on their way to Europe. Brussels has pledged up to 6 billion euros ($6.6 billion) to help migrants and refugees, and the deal states that when people are returned, they will be “protected in accordance with the relevant international standards.”

The European Union says Turkey is a safe country: In April, European Council President Donald Tusk called Turkey “the best example in the entire world of how to treat refugees.”

The United States is not so sure. Turkey’s “efforts to protect the growing and highly vulnerable refugee and migrant communities in the country remain inadequate,” the State Department said in a July report.

And rights groups say Turkey is far from safe. Groups such as Amnesty International have documented Syrians being shot at by Turkish border guards as they try to cross into Turkey, living in squalor, or deported back into the fighting. And they note Syrian children, who are often unable to get to school in other frontier countries such as Lebanon, are part of the labour force. Hmmmm......Just give the Caliph a few Billion Euro more. Read the full story here.

Pic below: Syrian children making ISIS uniforms in Turkey

Source picture here.

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