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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

'Refugees' welcome - Kurdish Yazidi woman recognizes her ISIS abuser in Germany.

'Refugees' welcome - Kurdish Yazidi woman recognizes her ISIS abuser in Germany. (Basnews).

A Kurdish Yazidi woman who survived the so-called Islamic State (ISIS/IS) captivity accidentally saw her IS abuser in Germany.

The Kurdish Yazidi woman who is now receiving psychological treatment in Germany happened to see the IS militant who had maltreated her for four months while she was in IS captivity, Al-Alam News Channel reported on Sunday.

The IS militant who is said to be of Syrian origin is now living with his family in a refugee camp in Germany.

Abu Shuja'a Dinayi, an activist in freeing Yazidi women from IS, told Sputnik that the Yazidi woman has recognized the IS miltant in a market in Baden, Germany.

The Yazidi woman has informed the German police about the IS militant who had assaulted her for four months, he said.

After IS militants attacked the Yazidi town of Sinjar in mid-2014, they carried out various types of atrocities against Yazidis in the area. They abducted nearly 5,000 Yazidi women and girls and enslaved them in the IS-held territories in Iraq and Syria. Around 2,000 of the abducted Yazidis however have so far been freed from the grip of the militants.

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  1. Germany? oh he will be on the streets in no time.
    he will be rewarded. EU rules cant kick him out!


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