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Monday, June 13, 2016

Video - 'This attack had all of the hallmarks of an Islamist jihadist attack': Qanta Ahmed.

HT And Source: MissDiagnosis.


The 8 volume books Fatawa Islamiyah (Islamic Verdicts), which were bought at an Islamic book store at Scarborough, Ontario, provide the Islamic ruling regarding homosexuality (Vol. 6, p. 199):
The Ruling on Sodomy and the Punishment Thereof
What is the ruling on sodomy in Islam and what is the punishment?
The shameful act of sodomy is one of the most repugnant of shameful acts and we seek refuge with Allah (from it). Because of it, Allah destroyed the people of Lut, peace be upon him, and punished them with a terrible punishment, turning their homes upside down and raining stones of baked clay upon them, layer upon layer, (as Allah said): “marked from your Lord and they are not ever far from the wrongdoers.”
It has been reported from the Companions, may Allah be pleased with them, that the punishment for one who does that or allows it to be done to him is that he be killed. Or, to be burnt or to be stoned. Or, to be thrown from the highest point (mountain, tower, lofty building etc.), then to follow it with stoning.
This is because of its corruption of morals, customs, and because of its violation of the natural human state, and because the abandonment of lawful marriage by those who practice.
“Ibn Jibreen”
The book “24 Hours With The Prophet”, which was distributed for free at the Islamic booth at Dundas Square in Toronto, considers homosexuality a “major sin.”
Imam Syed B. Soharwardy, the founder of Muslims Against Terrorism (MAT) and the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada (ISCC), said that “According to the teachings of Islam homosexuality is completely forbidden in Islam and it is one of the KABA-IR (major) sins in Islam.”

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