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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thirsty 'Big Brother' the U.S. finally go's after the Great Lakes.

Thirsty 'Big Brother' the U.S. finally go's after the Great Lakes. (WN).

The Mayor of Leamington, Ont. is calling the recently-approved plan to draw water from Lake Michigan the "wrong decision." On Tuesday, a group of eight U.S. officials voted to allow Waukesha, Wisconsin town to begin drawing 30 million litres of water a day from the lake for drinking water.

Mayor John Paterson immediately took to Twitter to voice his discontent, calling the recent decision "the end of the Great Lakes as we know them."
"This should not be allowed," he told the CBC.

"I'm really disappointed it happened. That was unexpected. I actually thought the governor of Michigan was going to side with us. He even bailed."

Lake Michigan is the only one of the Great Lakes wholly within the borders of the United States; the others are shared with Canada.

Meanwhile, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, defended his in-favour vote, arguing the initiative is "the best way to conserve" Lake Michigan.

According to a statement on Gov. Snyder's website, the agreement will require the city to follow strict withdrawal conditions, which include:
  • Ensuring close to 100 percent of the water borrowed is restored to the lake
  • Implementing a pharmaceuticals and personal care products recycling program for the returned water
  • Protecting wetland habitats, and
  • Conducting environmental monitoring with mandatory reporting.


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