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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

'Visa-Free Regime With 'Islamist' Turkey May Increase Terrorist Risk in EU': EU Report.

'Visa-Free Regime With 'Islamist' Turkey May Increase Terrorist Risk in EU': EU Report. (SP).

The proposed visa liberalization for Turkish citizens travelling to the EU could potentially have an impact on the terrorist risk in the EU in as far as the movement of terrorists of Turkish citizenship to and from the Schengen area is concerned, an extract from the report, seen by The Telegraph newspaper, reads.

Criminals could also take advantage of the unrestricted entry to the European Union to pursue their own goals, including through drug trafficking, importing illegal firearms and people smuggling into Europe, the report revealed.
"It can be expected that, as soon as Turkish citizens will obtain visa-free entry to the EU, foreign nationals will start trying to obtain Turkish passports in order to pretend to be Turkish citizens and enter the EU visa free, or use the identities of Turkish citizens, or to obtain by fraud the Turkish citizenship. This possibility may attract not only irregular migrants, but also criminals or terrorists," the report stressed.
Turkey is yet to meet five out of the 72 total requirements, notably those related to data protection and anti-terrorism laws, among other issues. Hmmm......Giving Turkey visa free travel is pure madness. Read the full story here

Theresa May says UK may block Turkey & Balkans EU membership!

1 comment:

  1. - - - Is this the DEATH BELLS sounding now, starting in Europe? - - -
    or.... - - - "The Writing is on the wall, 'Mene Mene Takel Ufarsin" - - -
    People in the parliaments and specially in the European governments including and even more specially in DUMB STUPID LUNATIC and SUICIDAL --EU government-- Went NUTS completely

    More over, I just cannot understand the people that not uprising against them and just going quietly and obediently to their own so expected death row

    Last very time before the end of our civilization and the life that we developed cherished and built...

    Allahu-Akbar !!!!!!!


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