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Monday, May 2, 2016

Video - Florida - FBI foils terror attack by alleged Islamic convert at Aventura synagogue.

Florida - FBI foils terror attack by 'Islamic convert' at Aventura synagogue. (wsvn).

According to law enforcement sources, the FBI set up a sting to thwart what they described as a terror attack at the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center, Friday evening. Sources said agents posing as terrorists were able to stop the suspect, who, they said, may have converted to Islam.

Sources told 7News they are concerned about this case because the suspect wanted to take some type of explosive device and chuck it over the wall. Friday was the next-to-last day of Passover, and the center was crowded with people observing the holiday.

Concerned residents said they were disturbed by the arrest. "I think about, before we had a baby, that we used to go there for services, and God forbid, it could have been us," said Stephanie Levine. "Thank God they stopped him, but had they not, it would have been such a horrible thing to happen to this neighborhood."

Sources said the center was never in danger because the suspect was taken into custody before any harm was done.

"Of course it surprised me," said area resident Richard Levinson. "Everybody says, 'I live in a small town. It doesn't happen here,' but the sad part is, it happens everywhere." FBI officials declined to comment on the investigation, but 7News has learned the suspect will appear in federal court early this week. More here.

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