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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Turkey's current destructive role doesn't change, they are seeking to restore "the past might of the Ottoman Empire," Zakharova

Hopes for early changes in Turkey's current destructive role futile, they are seeking to restore "the past might of the Ottoman Empire," Zakharova. (Tass).

Any hopes for early changes in the Turkish government's current destructive position in the international arena should be perished, believes Maria Zakharova, the official spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry.

"What could I possibly say about Turkey? We exercised patience for a very long time although we were perfectly aware of the policies the Turkish government was conducting, including the policies towards Crime and the Syrian peace settlement," she said. Everything it does only intensifies this destructiveness."

Russia did everything in its power to resolve the differences with Turkey through negotiations, Zakharova said.

"Unfortunately, all of it bumps into the incumbent Turkish government," she indicated. "There's an impression it is striving to restore the previous might of the Ottoman Empire in one way or another, or at least that's the picture all the elements of its current policies combine into."
"All of us known what kind of a finale the Ottoman Empire ended up in," she said. "Unfortunately, we can see an absolutely destructive role of the Turkish government on every track, be it Crimea, Syria, refugees, terrorism, ethnic problems, and so on."
 she said in an interview the daily Izvestia published on Wednesday.Read the full story here.

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