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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill called the Russian operation in Syria "holy war".

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill called the Russian operation in Syria "holy war". (NovajaGazeta). [GoogleTranslated].

Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill called the fight against members of the terrorist groups in Syria "holy war." He said after the liturgy in the St. George temple on the Poklonnaya Hill, reported Interfax.

The Russian operation in the Middle East, the Patriarch said, the fight against terrorism, not "aggression, not occupation, not to impose their ideologies, not for the support of certain governments."

"That is why today the war against terrorism - a holy war, and God forbid, to have understood all around the world, so that no one shared the terrorists into good and bad, no one connected with the war against terrorism to achieve their own, are often not declared, but really much present in the political thought purposes. Then the war with the enemy, and such funds will be honest too sacred ", - the Patriarch said.

He added that the Great Patriotic War was too sacred, and Russian military "can safely be called Christ-loving army".

Russia participated in the military operations in Syria from 30 September 2015. March 14 Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the Defense Ministry to begin withdrawing the main part of the Russian military group from Syria, since the tasks set before the Office as a whole performed.

Since the end of February in Syria, on the proposal of Russia and the USA the ceasefire. It does not apply to recognized terrorist and banned in the Russian company ( "Islamic State" and "Dzhabhat An-Nusra").

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