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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Putin: NATO’s missile shield in Romania: 'It's not a defense system, it's a breach of strategic balance'.

Putin: NATO’s missile shield complex activation in Romania: 'It's not a defense system, it's a breach of strategic balance'. (Tass).

The deployment of a radar system in Romania complicates the international situation around Russia, President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with military commanders on Friday.

"The latest developments suggest that the situation is not changing for the better. Unfortunately, it is being aggravated, considering the deployment of a radar station in Romania as an element of the US missile defense shield system," Putin said.

Russia has numerously voiced its concerns over the deployment of NATO’s missile shield and offered cooperation with US partners, which was actually rejected, Putin said.

"We have spoken a lot about our concerns, proposed cooperation and joint work with American partners. All this was rejected, as a matter of fact," Putin said at a meeting on the development of Russia’s defense industry. He expressed regret that Washington offered no concrete work on this issue.

‘Now that the elements of the [NATO] missile defense system have been deployed [in Europe], we will have to think of how to reduce the threats arising for Russia’s national security," the head of state noted.

"We are not going to be dragged into this race but we will follow our own path and will work extremely carefully in order not to exceed our plans to finance the retooling of our army and fleet, which we drafted a few years ago. However, we are going to adjust these plans to reduce threats to Russia’s national security," he added. Hmmm.........Kaliningrad. Read the full story here.

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