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Saturday, May 7, 2016

North Korea Party To Give Kim Jong Un New Title.

North Korea Party To Give Kim Jong Un New Title.(NDtv).

North Korea's ruling party is preparing to bestow a new title on leader Kim Jong Un, another clear sign that the third heir to North Korea's dynasty of Kims is firmly in control despite his country's deepening international isolation over one of his key ambitions, to keep developing more and better nuclear weapons.

The state-run Korean Central News Agency today said the agenda for the congress included reviewing the works of the party's Central Committee and Central Audit Commission, revising party rules, electing Kim to the top party post and electing a new central leadership for the party.

The new title would likely elevate Kim to a level equivalent to his late father and grandfather, who held the title of general secretary of the Workers' Party - a mostly symbolic move to demonstrate the young leader is in full control and ready to begin a new era of his own. Kim is already head of the party, but with the title of first secretary.

Kim opened the lavish congress with a brief speech on Friday that singled out North Korea's advances in developing nuclear weapons and rockets capable of putting satellites into orbit, as examples of the country's progress in the face of international criticism and tough sanctions that threaten to further stifle its struggling economy.

All of the previous six congresses were convened by Kim's grandfather, national founder Kim Il Sung. The previous one was used as the stage to formally announce Kim's father, Kim Jong Il, as the second heir to power.

"Eternal president" Kim Il Sung died in 1994, and "eternal general-secretary" Kim Jong Il - who rarely spoke in public - never called for the convening of a congress, though they were on paper supposed to be held every five years.

This one is clearly designed to put the spotlight on Kim Jong Un, who has yet to travel abroad or meet any world leaders. With that in mind, the North has invited over 100 foreign journalists in to cover the event, though none have been let inside the convention hall.

Instead, they have been kept busy touring showcase factories, hospitals and historic sites. Hmmm.......'Little fatso? Read the full story here.

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