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Monday, May 2, 2016

Islamist Jihadis 'Traveling on Fake Passports from Bulgaria'

Islamist Jihadis 'Traveling on Fake Passports from Bulgaria'. (Novinite).

A number of Bulgarian-made fake passports with Schengen visas were found in the belongings of jihadist fighters that had been operating in Southern Italy, a local daily says.

A jihadist cell made up mostly of Iraqis and Iranians intended on using the documents to cross into Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and Norway, Sole 24 ore reports citing Italian anti-terror officials.

Authorities intercepted a phone conversation between two jihadists arranging the details of the delivery of 4 fake passports produced in Bulgaria and worth EUR 300 each.

Investigators say in the call between Ali Awat Mahmod and Abdul Rahman Nauroz, the latter said two suspected Ansar Al Islam members were ready to take "7 doves" ("dove" is used as a synonym of "falsified documents").

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