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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

EU MP ALDE Guy Verhofstadt calls upon every EU MP and EU Citizens to offend to Erdogan.

EU MP Guy Verhofstadt calls upon every EU MP and EU Citizens to offend to Erdogan. (HLNbe)[GoogleTranslated].

Guy Verhofstad President of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
performed in the European Parliament a remarkable call.

Referring to the indictment of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who demanded a gag order against the CEO of the German media group Axel Springer, he called upon all parliamentarians and citizens to offend Erdogan.

Matthias Döpfner, publisher of the popular German newspaper Bild, last week took the defense of the satirist Böhmermann in an open letter. Abusive poem in which he called last month in the Turkish President a pedophile and a called goat fucker. Döpfner said not only that he had to laugh out loud with the poem, but also suggested that he "substantively agreed with the formulations and taunts" from Böhmermann.

Today, a judge ruled that no gag order is imposed on Döpfner, gag order which Erdogan had demanded . Verhofstadt himself, as leader of the liberals in the European Parliament, made in turn the words Böhmermann his own. "Erdogan will have to sue me"

"Döpfner ​​himself made the words of Bohrmann (sic) own, we agree with the words of Döpfner "said the former prime minister of Belgium. "So if Erdogan is consistent, he should sue me. I invite you to repeat you the words of Döpfner. If you do, Erdogan will individually sue. I do not think it is possible to prosecute all of you," said Verhofstadt.

On Facebook Verhofstad invited under the tittle 'Will Erdogan prosecute you too?' all Europeans to repeat the words of Döpfner and Böhmermann 'What will Erdogan do?' he demands himself. he can't possibly sue every EU Citizen? Read the full story here.

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