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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dubai law firm offers job to Obama so he can learn more about tolerance of Islam.

Dubai law firm offers job to Obama so he can learn more about tolerance of Islam. (Gulfnews).

An Emirati lawyer has offered the US President Barack Obama a job in his law firm in Dubai in an attempt to familiarise him with the tolerance of Islam.

"To get closely acquainted with the meaning of tolerance of Islam," tweeted Emirati lawyer Eisa Bin Haidar on Sunday as he offered to hire Obama in his firm and to live in Dubai once his presidential tenure expires soon.
As of Monday, Obama has 248 days left in office — a newly-elected US president starts official duties on January 20, 2017.

In another tweet addressing Obama, advocate Haidar tweeted "President Obama, I offer you a job in my office, salary, housing, tickets and travel to Arab countries".

When asked by Gulf News about his tweets, Bin Haidar said: “A faction of the American and western media has constantly profiled Islam as a religion of terror and categorized Muslims as terrorists. Well that is absolutely not true. Islam is a religion of tolerance, understanding, forgiveness and acceptance … it is not a religion of terror and Muslims are not terrorists.

"The only way for westerners to accept and understand Islam and Muslims is to come and live with us and amongst us. Once he [Obama] leaves his office at the White House, I offer President Obama to work in my law firm and then he would come and live amongst Arabs and Muslims and learn the exact meaning of tolerance.”

The best way for others to understand the true meaning of tolerance in Islam is for them to mingle with and socialise more with Muslims in this region, said Bin Haidar.

In the same context, he also tweeted in Arabic "I know my offer is a little bit weird, but you [Obama] have to live with Muslims to know them closely and away from political theatrics which are being spearheaded by the US".

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